Add A Sense Of Social Responsibility In Your Lifestyle

Social Responsibility

Irrespective of the way you chose for steering your lifestyle, there should be a sense of social responsibility in our actions, no matter what.You have all the right to look for your comfort and convenience but it should not come at a cost to our surroundings. And apart from unintentional doings for the environment, there should be intentional acts too that can help this world to become a better place.We might be sounding a bit complex at the moment, but all we want is the ease of life for everyone breathing on our planet.  

  • Try to reduce your plastic waste as much as possible. The material was invented to cut down the costs of packaging and transportation, but the invention is now acting a bad spell cast upon the earth. Plastic takes hundreds of years to dissolve properly, and till then, it pollutes the environment. Try not to use plastic cups and glasses, and other single-use plastic items. Keep copper bottles in your refrigerator instead of plastic bottles. And say no to polythene bags. 
  • Paper napkins are so much in demand, and they are really helpful. But the problem is that it takes thrashing down so many trees and wasting hundreds of gallons of water to produce napkins. Now, some people can raise a question: why not shut the factories then? There are millions of people working in such factories, and it is not possible to do that in a blink of an eye. What can be done is that you and we take responsibility for not wasting paper napkins. It will keep the demand low and will lead to saving trees and water. 
  • One of the biggest problems with people in India is that they don’t care about cleanliness outside their homes. And that is the biggest problem. People are living ultra-luxurious lifestyles but don’t understand that it is not good to throw wrappers here and there in public places. Many people love to keep their homes clean like a mirror but don’t give a damn about the cleanliness outside. This has to be changed. Always try to find a dustbin to throw whatever you want. And if you find a dustbin then you can keep the wrappers in the pocket of your bag. You can throw compostable items around the baseline of plants as it will work like fertilizer.
  • We all know about the pandemic, and it is still not over yet. There are cases of affected people still coming every day. But people seem to have forgotten that as they are busy traveling to tourist places. And over that, many people are not wearing face masks properly. This is not symbolism of an educated and well-mannered society. As Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, now there will be a heavy rush in public transports. Be wise and cancel your plans for traveling. You can send love to your siblings on the occasion through rakhi cakes. And if you are planning to go on a trip, then postpone the plan or get yourself vaccinated with both doses before leaving and always wear your face mask properly. 
  • People missed the joy of shopping from the market a lot last year, but they are enjoying it again as the restrictions have been lifted. But experts have warned again for the third wave, and it’s time to fall upon online shopping. Whether you want to shop for groceries or clothes, there is a website for everything you need. You don’t even have to visit the bakery near you to buy a cake as you can download Bakingo App for ordering cakes online and availing yourself of home delivery.  
  • Save resources like water and electricity. Use as minimum water as you can for daily household chores and your personal needs (except drinking water). Make sure to get the leak taps fixed. And do not keep your electrical equipment running without use. Make sure to switch off lights, fans, and WiFi when not in use. You can also remove unnecessary use of motor vehicles from your lifestyle.

These are not some heavy tasks to perform. These all can be a part of your lifestyle. And if everyone follows these, there will be better earth sooner. 


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