Adjustable pedestals and popular materials for swimming pool decks

Adjustable pedestals

Swimming pool decks are perfect for relaxing with family and friends. Choosing materials for your pool requires much consideration. After all, your pool must be easy on bare feet along with being attractive. Additionally, it must be resistant to chemicals, mould and mildew.

The materials you choose depend on several factors such as cost, durability and maintenance. Also, an adjustable pedestal ensures that the pool’s surface is levelled appropriately. So, you must consider installing it in your pool deck along with any of the popular materials. Indeed, when you choose the best, your deck will definitely turn out to be exquisite and luxurious. Keep reading to learn about the pedestals and the popular materials for your swimming pool deck.

What are adjustable pedestals?

Pedestal paving is gaining popularity in the building industry. The adjustable pedestals are an ideal solution for elevated deck applications and accommodating waterproofing membranes. Additionally, they are a quick and efficient solution to areas prone to flooding like pools, balconies, etc.

A small gap between tiles lets the water drain swiftly underneath the pedestals instead of gathering on the raised floors and pavers. In case the pool’s surface is uneven, the pedestals will enable you to level the surface and prevent accidents. What’s more, they are easier to install, and homeowners even find them to be economical. Since the pedestals are resistant to humidity, heat and cold, you don’t have to replace them often.

What are the popular materials for swimming pool decks?

Since most pool decks are made from the materials listed below, you can choose the ideal one.


The most popular material for a pool surround is concrete. Its attractive nature lies in its versatility. You can choose from traditional plain poured concrete decks to stained or stamped concrete. These materials can mimic brick, stone or other finishes effortlessly. Homeowners with a simple, minimal and cost-effective pool deck can utilise the poured version. The poured version is the textured and imprinted concrete. Due to the durability and low maintenance of the poured concrete, it comes across as perfect for the pool deck surface.

With a wide array of decorative options, you can select from various patterns such as stone, brick, wood-grained and tile patterns. You can customise it with different colours, textures and forms for your pool to complement your landscape or home.


You can find a vast array of natural wood like cedar, pine and Brazilian Ipe for your pool deck. Well, wooden decks require seasonal maintenance, which includes cleaning, sanding and sealing. This material comes in the high-priced bracket, and it is an excellent choice for an original and warm, authentic look. Moreover, you can cut it and shape it with ease. For sure, it will complement any outdoor decor.


If you are looking for a sophisticated material, you can opt for tiles, especially unglazed ceramic tiles. Most of these unglazed tiles share a resemblance to natural stones and have a matte finish. Due to their beauty, they can be somewhat high-priced. You can pick the tiles that provide good traction and can be sourced easily too. You can customise them as per your preference. Furthermore, you can rest assured that they withstand cold and hot temperatures. You can even look for different patterns and colours with decorative motifs for a stunning look.


With a wide range of colours and sizes, bricks exude a rustic look. They can be placed with sand, mortar or on top of the concrete floor. Dirt and stains on the bricks can be washed away with ease due to their absorbent nature.

After installing an adjustable pedestal and picking the popular materials, you can landscape around your above ground pool with planters or shrubs. You can transform your deck into an ideal place for parties or family gatherings.  


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