Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Treadmill


The most sought-after kind of home fitness equipment is the treadmill. It offers a simple, adequate aerobic exercise. Many treadmills are an excellent choice for starting an exercise program since walking is a popular choice by all people, regardless of fitness level, and for most back problems. In addition, when endurance and strength develop, it is possible to use the treadmill to jog or do interval training.

Advantages to Using a Treadmill

  • The treadmill has a stable surface that is easier to navigate than curbs, sidewalks, or trails.
  • The cushioned surface of treadmill reduces the risk of slipping.
  • The treadmill is a simple piece of exercise equipment to use
  • Every aspect of the exercise can be controlled by the participant, such as speed and incline: the warm-up time, relaxed downtime and expenditure of energy.
  • Generally speaking, users can design customized programs suited to the amount of time they need to train.
  • Multiple users can utilize the same equipment without having to adjust the structure.
  • Some top treadmills come with unique features like heart rate and step counters monitors so that fitness progress can be monitored
  • A treadmill typically produces more calories than other types of home exercise like biking.
  • People can also do other activities while running for example, watching TV or read. This will for many people can help keep the workout interesting.

If staying in shape and losing weight are the top priorities, treadmills could be the ideal machine for achieving these goals. In a recent study that looked at the comparison of fitness, people who believed that they exercised the same intensely on treadmills and bikes were actually spending 25 percent more calories running. (Milwaukee VA Hospital Study) .

Disadvantages to Using a Treadmill

  • They aren’t cheap Some models can cost more than $2000.
  • A treadmill with a cushioned, smooth surface could cause a violent impact on the back or cause stress to the knee, hip or ankle joints. Examining your treadmill’s surface, as well as rebound, are vital.
  • They can take up quite a bit of space. The more advanced treadmills take up an enormous quantity of room (up at 36ins wide and 72 inches in length) and typically don’t fold.
  • As with other devices that use motors and programs that are computerized, maintaining treadmills generally requires a skilled.
  • Certain treadmills have motors that are loud, which interfere with other activities around the treadmill.
  • Treadmills are a restricted form of exercise, from running to walking, so many individuals find treadmills boring after a time.


A treadmill is one of the best cardio exercise machines that can be used at home. Suppose the weather is not suitable and you can’t go outside for a walk, especially in a pandemic situation. Then, the treadmill proves to be the best gym equipment to keep you fit and healthy. 

In this article, we have discussed a few advantages and disadvantages of using the treadmill at home. We hope that this will increase your knowledge about this spectacular fitness equipment. Cheers!

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