Advantages of Wooden Tiles vs Traditional Hardwood Flooring

Wooden Tiles vs Traditional Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking out for options for renovating your home or designing your home from scratch? Installing wooden tiles or should you go with traditional hardwood flooring, the most confusing decision to make. 

Installing flooring options in your house is one of the biggest and most confusing decisions that you will ever make. The reason being, the flooring that you will pick for your house is going to determine the look and feel of your place and set the mood of the entire place. 

While traditional hardwood flooring provides your home with a warm and vintage feel, installing wooden tiles is something that is becoming increasingly popular due to various reasons. Here in this article we will walk you through the pros and cons of choosing wooden tiles and hardwood flooring, also offering some best recommendations as well. 

Which is the best flooring?

Among the wide range of options available in the market, choosing the best flooring options is an essential step towards making your place habitable and comfortable. Ideally, the best flooring should consists of the following points:

  • Easy to clean 

The flooring you choose should be easy to clean and don’t take much time to clean. Also the flooring should not require cleaning on short intervals.

  • Low maintenance

Having a low maintenance flooring option is something that provides you ease. These low maintenance flooring options are also easy to maintain and do not require much time and efforts to keep them maintained throughout the time. 

  • Affordable option 

Whichever flooring option you choose should be affordable and on a budget. Installing a highly expensive flooring option is not a recommended option as it will require a lot of maintenance and might easily get damaged with the wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic. 

  • Comfortable

The flooring you choose for your place should be comfortable to walk on and provide you with a seamless experience.

  • Appealing looks

Having an appealing flooring installed in your place will help to make your place look attractive and pleasing, hence, invest in a flooring option that is appealing. 

  • Durable

It should be highly durable and able to handle the heavy foot traffic it will be receiving. Additionally, the material of the flooring should last at least for 2-3 years without any extra repair or maintenance to make it a value for money investment. 

  • Easy to install

If the flooring you choose is easy to install in your place it will reduce the installation time and investment as well. 

  • Slip-resistant

The most important feature of the flooring should be slip resistance. If your flooring is not slip resistant then there is actually no point of installing a flooring as you won’t be able to walk comfortably. 

Wooden tiles or Hardwood floor?

The often asked question is whether you should go with a traditional hardwood flooring or should you go with the modern approach of installing wooden tiles. Here is a comparative analysis of both the options, making it easy for you to choose the best flooring option. 

Wooden tiles

As a recent trend wooden tiles are being installed in houses which is accentuating the overall look of the place, providing it the look of hardwood flooring only, but better. Here are some of the parameters on which you can choose the best flooring options.

  • Durability: wooden tiles are highly durable
  • Maintenance: low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Installation process: easy to install 
  • Options available: various options, sizes and designs 
  • Features: slip resistant 
  • Budget: affordable option 
  • Application: can be installed in bathrooms and other wet areas 
  • Appeal: warm, comfortable, modern, vintage 

Hardwood flooring

Another flooring option available is installing traditional hardwood floors. Installing these hardwood flooring has been a trend for a long time and if you look at the ancient houses, the flooring was of hardwood only as there were no tile options available. 

  • Durability: not so much durable as can be easily damaged with rough weather and other harsh conditions
  • Maintenance: requires a lot of maintenance and difficult to clean, also requires regular cleaning at short intervals
  • Installation process: difficult to install, time consuming process
  • Options available: not much available options 
  • Features: no extra features
  • Budget: expensive as compared to wooden tiles 
  • Application: cannot be used in wet areas and bathrooms or kitchen 
  • Appeal: warm, cosy, vintage

How to choose the right wooden tiles?

From the above mentioned points it is quite clear that installing wooden tiles is a much more efficient, easy, and affordable option as compared to the traditional hardwood flooring. Here is a guide for you to choose the best wooden tiles for your place. 

  • Durability and material 

The wooden tiles that you choose should be made of highly durable material and should be able to withstand the heavy foot traffic and can withstand the harsh weather conditions. 

  • Slip resistant 

Choose the wooden tiles that are slip resistant for better durability and comfort. Also the slip resistant tiles can be installed in bathrooms and kitchen  and outer spaces as well where there are chances of water being involved. 

  • Easy to install

Choose the tiles that are easy to install and do not take much time in the process.

  • Right size 

Choosing the right size of tiles is essential as per the availability of space in your place as this is a crucial aspect of making your place look organized and clean. 

  • Designs 

If you go with a good brand such as H&R Johnson you can find endless options and designs available in wooden tiles for you to choose from as per your convenience and preferences. Here you can try Timber Wood tiles in the 40×40 cm size range. 

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean 

The wooden tiles you pick should be low maintenance and easy to clean as well. They should not be a very time consuming process. 

H&R Johnson and wooden tiles 

Highly reputed and reliable brands such as H&R Johnson have been serving the industry for over sixty years now. The options available are made of highly durable materials and are easy to maintain, easy to clean, and come with endless options, sizes, and designs. 

For more information you can visit the experience centre established by the brand for better clarity of quality and options available here. These centres are available all over the country at easily accessible locations. 


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