9 GEMS Scholarships at GIIS Kuala Lumpu

9 GEMS Scholarships

The 9 GEMS Scholarships, Holistic Development scholarship is one of the scholarships available at GIIS Kuala Lumpur. The 9 gems scholarships are internationally renowned and support all the values in the 9GEMS Framework. GIIS Kuala Lumpur offers a one-year scholarship to students between grades 1-12 who portray the qualities in the 9GEMS Framework. It is open to Malaysian residents and permanent residents who would like to join the prestigious school. If you wish to join GIIS Kuala Lumpur under this scholarship, you should know some of the benefits that await you.

1. The 9 GEMS Scholarships Framework

9 GEMS scholarship are a product of the 9GEMS Framework. The Framework ensures the all-round development of your child. It relies on a list of nine unique components that contribute to the success of every student.


·         Academic excellence

·         Sports excellence

·         Personality development

·         Visual and performing arts

·         Skills development

·         Creativity and innovation

·         Entrepreneurship and leadership

·         Community care

·         Universal values and ethics

Your child will become an all-round student who possesses each of the attributes above. GIIS Kuala Lumpur’s primary mission is to provide all-round education, which will enable the students to grow into morally upright and productive students. The 9 GEMS Scholarships framework received international recognition and won the Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service Award 2014 by the Institute of Directors.

2. 9 gems scholarships save you from debt.

The need for quality education can leave you in a lot of debt. The scholarship makes education affordable and saves you from debt. The beneficiaries need to have awards and certificates that prove outstanding performance in any of the 9GEMS.  Students who receive recognition at the state level receive 20% off their tuition fees; at the national level, you will receive 40% off your tuition, and international recognition can earn you up to 60% off your scholarship. Your child can receive a quality education without stress from the financial burden of tuition fees.

3. Highly-skilled teaching staff

GIIS Kuala Lumpur sources teachers from all over the world. The school has faculty members who are well-trained and have adequate knowledge in their fields. GIIS hires teachers who have experience in the curriculum and know-how to relate with the students. After a rigorous one-on-one interview, the teachers still undergo extensive training. Every year the school devotes 25hours of training per teacher to ensure that they can grow and provide a holistic education for the students. The school also collaborates with international educators and lecturers from other GIIS campuses through virtual classes to offer the students different perspectives and ideas. Your child will be able to learn from professional educators from all corners of the world. 

4. High-quality education

GIIS Kuala Lumpur uses International level curriculums from pre-school to high school. The 9 GEMS scholarship aims to produce students who are knowledgeable and productive. By taking the GIIS curriculum, your child can fit into any school around the world.

5. Access to higher learning institutions

GIIS collaborates with universities from around the world to ensure its students get admission to reputable universities. The scholarship will allow your child to access these universities and prominent undergraduate courses after completing their high school education. The curricula at GIIS Kuala Lumpur are recognised in various higher learning institutions. That makes it easier for students to get admission.

6. Improves student performance

The main component of the 9 GEMS scholarships framework is academic excellence. The school encourages students to excel in academia through scholarships, assessment tests, and awards for outstanding performers. The resources, holistic environment, and support from teachers and fellow students also make it possible for your child to improve his/her performance. Stress can cause a decline in your child’s academic performance. Therefore, when your child can focus on their academic work without worrying about the financial burden, they are about to improve. The scholarship gives your child peace of mind and allows him/her to focus on their academic work.

7. Nurtures talent

9 GEMS scholarships aim to provide holistic education. The teachers and students will help your child take note of their skills and talents. After that, they can use the vast resources and modern facilities to develop and improve their skills. The institution has a wide range of extracurricular and co-curricular. Each team or club has a capable team that trains under expert coaches for state, national, and international championships. The institution prides itself on many awards from these activities. The extracurricular activities also contribute to the student’s final score.

8. Prepares students for the future

Through 9 gems scholarships, your child can become a distinguished global citizen. The school aims to lay a firm foundation for each of its students. Teachers prepare various initiatives and boot camp activities to train the students on the skills that they will need in their future. GIIS students can adapt to changes in their lives because of the skills that they learn in school.

GIIS Kuala Lumpur curates the scholarship to enhance the educational experience for each of the beneficiaries. Your child will grow into a knowledgeable adult who excels in their personal and professional life.