All About the Classic Fusion Watches of New Hublot

Hublot Watches

Watches have been with people for many years. People used it to know the specific time of the day. But, because of the many advancements in technology, watches have served many purposes aside from telling time. Some people wear watches to complement their fashion styles. 

Also, some watches can monitor one’s health. With the growing trend in watches, one must know how to choose the best wristwatch that can suit their personalities. If you are curious, this one’s for you. 

It was Mr. Carlo Crocco, the founder of the watch company who named the corporation ‘Hublot, a French word that means ‘porthole. 1980 has been known to be the year of Hublot. It is this time when Hublot manufactured its strap. It is not the usual strap, because it is made of rubber. 

The premier edition is the Hublot Classic Original that breaks all the ordinary styles of watches. It is because of the wristwatch’s cases that are in gold. Also, the strap that is made of rubber is new to people. With this innovation, this edition of watches became a classic. 

This watch company is all about premium Swiss watches and chronographs. This kind of watch is best for both women and men.

The Fusion Classic Watches of New Hublot

The classic watches of New Hublot came from the country of Switzerland. Mr. Carlo Crocco is the Italian who is known to be the founder of Hublot. The collaboration of the two teams, namely Watches and Hublot, has set its record for the first time. 

Famously known as Hublot Classic Fusion, this edition is known to have a minor advantage over the first edition. Many deemed this version to be the Classic Fusion Chronograph Special Edition. 

The Meaning of Hublot Fusion

The Company has artistically defined the meaning of fusion. Fusion happens when these ordinary watches have gone through innovative styling. And it is best described with their Hublot Classic Fusion.  

This company also created a design of a chronograph that is new to people. The words usefulness, design, and style are the words commonly given to the company.

Hublot Material

Hublot is known to choose a material that is of high quality. With this, they have chosen the metal titanium. This metal is lightweight and has good properties known to resist the mass of any equipment.

This material is best to use for watch production because of its anti-corrosiveness. It makes it good even with contact with different skin types. The Titanium grade 5 used by the watch company is the strongest of all. This results in the appearance of bluish metal.

Important Facts about Hublot Watches

There are many important facts to know about this company. One is its collections that bring uniqueness to its brands. They also labeled this company to have the most expensive watch recorded. The price of their watch reaches the maximum amount of 5 million dollars. 

The second important fact is that several famous artists help make the brand of this watch popular. Its care and outstanding service are other important facts to know. They value their customers a lot. Whether you are in a different country, they will still provide you with the best and quality service they have.

The fourth fact is that this brand of watch has gained another milestone in the year 2018. It was the time when they were recognized to be the certified timekeeper in the 2018th World Cup. Being expensive also means quality. The fifth fact of these watches is that even though they hold expensive prices, they are of premium quality. Your money will not be wasted by investing in these watches. 

Remarkable Models of Hublot Watch

Many kinds of models are remarkable to the watches of Hublot. It is because of its unique features and styles. 

  •  Big Bang Sang Bleu II Limited Edition              

This model is best for people whose favorite color is blue. This watch is listed in the limited edition. The art of tattooing is now available because of its innovations. Its dials also have the color blue and assemble the line of the geometry. Its architectural style has gained its popularity to fuse arts into innovations.

  • Big Bang Meca-10 King Gold 45 mm 

This design of this model has the best structure and usefulness. They also combined these features using artistic fusion. One of its unique styles is construction. They improved its watch holder that allows customers to move easily with no hassle. 

Its design is fit for those people who love the color of gold. It has a perfect combination of the three quality materials. These are rubber and carbon. Added to its design is the premium ceramic.

  • Big Bang GMT Carbon Blue Ceramic

Carbon is the material used for this model. It is because of its mechanical characteristics. This has also a light density. It is best for its ability to resist mass. Using this metal is combined with a special carbon that is in the epoxy. 

One significant quality of this model is that it has three-dimensional carbon. It is where these metals are formed into 3 planes. There are models known to have frosted carbon. It includes colorful materials.

  • Classic Fusion Racing Grey Chronograph Titanium Automatic Grey Dial Men’s Watch

It is a model known for its gray color. All of its parts are remarkably gray. They also made it with gray metal. Titanium is one of the quality materials of this model. They also made it of alligator leather.

One of the best features of this watch is that you can use it even when you are swimming. They will still give you the exact time even when soaked in water.

There are still many remarkable watches in the company that can suit your style and personality. They are of high quality. Your money can never go to waste when you choose to invest in buying these watches.


When choosing a model and brand, it is best to consider your personality. You must be comfortable in wearing those watches to complement your style. Ethereal, intriguing, avant-garde—these are just some words that perfectly describe the Hublot watches. The debut of this luxurious timepiece collection further enriched the Swiss watchmaker’s history by supplementing its success story.


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