Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon Image Requirements

Let’s Learn About Amazon Image Requirements 

There is a universal saying that a picture is more precious than a thousand words. An eye-catching photo indeed has the power of giving potential information to the visitors. Whenever the audiences receive informative or striking features on the photographs, they take them with the eye of their witness. However, the exact product online brings a potential impact on the shoppers more than the most eloquently written product description. Especially for the e-commerce business, uploading the quality images with its detailing makes the business extra-ordinary. Let’s discuss in details about Amazon Image Requirements.

There is no doubt that Amazon is a giant e-commerce market zone in the world today. In this market, more than small business owners or medium or prominent manufacturers or product/service marketers use it. Ab, 3000,000 small or medium business owners sell their service or product or others on Amazon. From scratch, Can you measure the importance of Amazon Image Requirements are essential?

Analysis from Forbes, the numbers are leveling up impressively each year that has become a drastic market place online. It is hard for a level of competition there on Amazon. If you are a newcomer and you desire to start your own business on Amazon where Amazon Image Requirements should be the primary priority for you. For online shopping, nearly 59% of the customers will go directly to one of the most popular e-commerce sites of Amazon.

By this writing, you will receive a great idea of Amazon Image Requirements for your business products and a good collaboration for increasing those sales.

What is Amazon Image Policy?

There are some reasons why the photos play a vital role in Amazon. Remember that you can’t upload a single image without optimizing it properly. Finding no other alternative way to getting striking sales results, you have to maintain exact picture sizes, configurations as well as different attributes that will help you to go a long way in furthering the SEO result. Also that it is not easy optimization of Amazon’s Photo that you have too much awareness of context. Very importantly, it is necessary to know that Amazon images are displayed on the main product page that also shows up in search engine results. This kind of collaboration could arrange more traffic to your website that improves conversion rates. You need to ensure the technical guidelines as well as the rules of Amazon’s site.

Some Necessary Ideas on Technical Amazon Image Requirements:

Amazon has some striking guidelines for adding new product images or exiting some sample images. Without following these restrictions, Amazon won’t accept your pictures. Accordingly, here some necessary ideas of Amazon’s image restrictions.

Image Background:

Product background is the essential feature of Amazon product image recommendation. However, most of the e-commerce sites prefer a white background. Very similarly, Amazon suggests using a white background for every product image. However, it doesn’t recommend a colorful background. For this, you must need to remove the background from image to make your product image more attractive.

Picture Size: An Important amazon image requirements

The actual size of the picture should be a least 1000 pixels either in height or width. Thus it could be preferable to go in for photos of 2560 pixels in width. However, the least Amazon image dimension for the image’s longest side is 500 pixels. Amazon recommends for the ratio of the square image about 1:1 that denotes the dimensions 2000 x 2000 pixels. It gives for maximum zoom or maintains a 5:1 aspect ratio. 

Image zoom primarily begins when the image is at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and 500 pixels on the shortest side. However, the maximum file size is 10mb per image. Use JPEG, TIFF, or GIF files, but importantly JPEG is the preferred format in many respects. Amazon allows cropping the photo also by following limited white space to maximize the product’s size.

Picture Frame:

For uploading your images, you need an image frame that it should cover around 85% of the frame.

Exact File Format: 

JPEG is a famous file format on different e-commerce sites, and apart from others, on Amazon, there is a great importance use of it. It also allows PNG, GIF, and TIFF file formats.

Right Color Mode:

There is two option of choosing the color of an image: CMYK or RGB. And that is why Amazon accepts both options.

File Naming Requirements:

You should never miss the different file naming as they have built a file naming protocols. And everyone needs careful of creating the file naming. 

Whenever you try to create file naming, you should start with the exact Amazon product identifier. The type of file naming is JAN, ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, UPC, or EAN. However, it follows a suitable file extension: JPEG, TIF. But, you should be careful about avoiding spaces, dashes, and other characters in file naming. You also have to follow Amazon’s design. Amazon does not allow borders, logos, texts, watermarks, mannequins on every image.

The necessity of Assigning Product Page Priority:

Amazon’s Product Page is quite flexible where one can display 7-9 images per page. Whenever one uses photos, he/she will be able to show the photos from different angles, and this also will work to your advantage.

Why Require For Perfect Amazon Image Requirements?

Though product descriptions, product specifications, and features are essential in Amazon, it is a significant need for quality of images. Images are critical for all products and services that are useful for sale on Amazon. To add an emotional attachment with a product is more effective to the audience. For that, it is necessary to use the info graphic on a product image, which saves time not taking reading unnecessary lines of the product content.

How do Amazon Photos work?

You should be conscious as to how Amazon pictures work once you upload them. It can surely help you to make the appeasement use of these images, and it increases a lot of traffic to the website. While looking for a product using a generalized keyword, your photos certainly have a significant role to come across the picture based on the search engine results of Amazon.

Final Thought:

From the discussion, Amazon product photos can be a crucial part of clicks to your product. Using correct quality images will help the customers quickly assess the characteristics of your product. By maintaining all imagery requirements influence directly on your click-through rates and conversion rates that will increase your rankings in Amazon’s search results.

I hope the article has helped you regarding amazon images requirements. Right? kindly leave a comment below regarding our amazon image requirements article.


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