Analysing influencers and their content

Analysing influencers and their content

If you want to know how Instagram influencers could boost your business or if you would like to make more money online, you have to pay attention to engagement. Engagement is basically the amount of individuals who actively engage with a certain post. Once an influencer posts a photo or video, their fans will most likely engage with it. This engagement may be in terms of likes or comments. Based on these data points, the influencer marketing campaign can be analyzed accordingly.

All about engagement

The high engagement rate of many influencers on Instagram might be a good sign that their followers really are into what they are promoting. They might also share the same interests as their users. If you find social media influencers whose pages are getting a lot of likes, comments and messages, you can start communicating with them. A good Instagram engagement strategy should include the following:

Followers vs. engagement

If an influencer’s followers are great and their account has a high engagement rate, it means their account is attracting more people. But if the number of people following or sharing the page is low, it might mean that there are not many people actually engaging with the influencer. It is important that you don’t just have a large number of followers so that you can increase your overall influence on the platform, but consider engagement too. If the influencer has just a few thousand followers, it does not mean he or she has a low page rank.

High returns vs. low returns

It is a smart idea for influencers to build a large following so that their sales pitch will have more potential to attract new followers. But this does not mean that their accounts will only contain high return pieces of content. Remember that when using influencer marketing strategies, it is important for users to be given multiple hand-picked pieces of content. High returns will attract more interest but if the content is of poor quality, viewers won’t bother interacting at all. So it is best to have a balance between the two: having high returns but with better hand-picked content.

Targeting the right audience vs. mass audiences

Some influencers who have huge followings might be too general. They might be promoting products and services that everyone would find cool. But on the other hand, there are also those influencers who target specific audiences so that they would be able to reach out to their target market directly. Maybe your aim is for a much greater reach with this campaign, and if so – then great! Unlike marketing strategies that are generally used for mass audiences, influencer marketing usually targets audiences that are specifically interested in the content provided. This ensures that the audience will be given hand picked pieces of information and messages to keep them engaged.

Building relationships vs. trying to sell

One of the key differences between influencer marketing and other forms of online marketing is that you get to build relationships with your target audience. These relationships will make it easier for people to engage with you so they can become loyal and enthusiastic fans. Traditional marketing strategies tend to be seen by consumers as merely an effort to sell their product, rather than understanding exactly what the consumer wants to see.

Stand out from the crowd with strong relationships

You need to be strategic when it comes to partnering with influencers. Remember that, unlike normal marketing, there is a greater chance of getting lost in the crowd. Therefore, partnering with the wrong influencer can potentially sink your brand. So you have to choose the influencer wisely so as not to lose your followers. If you’re serious about getting started in this trend, it is important to keep these factors in mind so as to succeed.

When it comes to partnering with influencers, make sure that you don’t come across as a fake or as an opportunist. As mentioned above, the relationship between you and the influencers will depend on the authenticity level of your content. The more authentic you are, the better chance you have of making it to the right partner. Therefore, always be clear about what you stand for and be careful not to misrepresent yourself to the target audience.

Finding influencers

The right influencers can help you get started in your own campaign. However, there’s no point in looking for the wrong ones. It’s important that you invest time in finding the perfect influencers since you won’t get instant results. When choosing an influencer marketing platform, go for the one with the highest value and best search features. Analyze profiles and only look for the influencers that align well with your values.


Some influencers will want to promote your products while others won’t. It’s important to persevere and understand that finding the best influencers can take time. Don’t just rush the process and end up with an unsuccessful campaign. Be smart and make sure that you are working with only the best!


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