Analysis of the Cyberbot Trading Robot on the Cryptorobotics Platform


In times of rapid technological development and cryptocurrency market growth, automation becomes an integral part of successful trading. Cryptocurrency robots play a significant role in this process, helping to reduce risks and increase profitability for investors. Among the many available tools, Cyberbot on the Cryptorobotics platform stands out. Let’s look closer at this crypto trading robot and its capabilities.

Overview of the Cyberbot Trading Robot

Cyberbot is an automatic cryptocurrency trading program on the Cryptorobotics platform, designed to perform operations on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bybit Spot, Binance US, Gateio, EXMO, OKX, KuCoin, and HTX.

This robot focuses on optimizing trading in a dynamically changing market and does not open orders against the main trend. This ensures high efficiency and safety in trading. CyberBot can adapt to market changes, automating trading strategies, which helps to increase profits and minimize losses.

Mechanism of Operation of the Cyberbot Trading Robot on Cryptorobotics

Cyberbot uses specific signals to initiate trades:

  • The first signal is detected when the moving averages MA4 cross MA9 and MA20 from below upwards.
  • Activation of the second signal occurs when MA4 crosses MA20 or there is a positive trend in the RSI indicator.
  • The third signal is called when MA4 crosses MA9 from below upwards, RSI is at the level of 50, or both MA4 and MA9 are located above MA20.

To complete a deal, Cyberbot offers different strategies:

  • Completion by algorithm: Occurs when MA4 and MA9 cross from above downwards.
  • User settings: Allow setting Stop Loss and Take Profit according to recommendations or choosing own parameters.
  • Additional exit signals: Activated when a profit target or stop-loss level is reached.

Cyberbot offers full trading automation, requiring the user only to set basic settings, including Stop Loss and Take Profit, for automatic execution of operations on the selected exchange.

Advantages of Using Cyberbot on Cryptorobotics

Key advantages of Cyberbot include:

  • Algorithmic strategies: Application of advanced algorithmic strategies based on moving averages and RSI to determine entry and exit points from deals.
  • Risk reduction: The unique logic of the program allows for avoiding trades that contradict the current trend, increasing the chances of success in a growing market.
  • Automation of the process: Freeing investors from the need to monitor the market thanks to trading automation constantly.
  • Ease of use: A friendly interface and ease of setup make Cyberbot accessible for traders of any experience level.
  • Access through different devices: The ability to work with the bot through a web version, a mobile version for all devices, or a mobile app for Android.
  • Flexible deal completion options: Offering a variety of strategies for exiting deals.

Support for multiple exchanges: Compatibility with leading cryptocurrency exchanges improves deal management.

Cost and Tariff Plans on Cryptorobotics

Cryptorobotics offers three tariff plans for Cyberbot:

  • Free: Provides 14 days of demo trading.
  • Basic PRO ($19 per month): Includes demo trading and activation of real trades.
  • Expert PRO ($119 per month): Extended capabilities for demo trading and real operations.

In addition, users can use the profit-sharing payment system and pay a percentage only if the deal is profitable.

Getting Started with Cyberbot on Cryptorobotics

To activate Cyberbot on the Cryptorobotics platform:

  • Register on Cryptorobotics.
  • Activate the selected tariff plan or connect the profit-sharing model.
  • Generate API keys on the preferred exchange and link them to the platform.
  • Set up Cyberbot according to your preferences.
  • Use analytical tools to track results.

More detailed information about setting up and using Cyberbot can be found in the guides and training videos on the official Cryptorobotics website.


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