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    Telugu Names for Boys

    Telugu is a language of a particular tribe or culture in India and the Telugu people naming ceremony is always very traditional. The Telugu language is known to be one of the most spoken languages in India. The naming ceremony which is called Namakaranam in Telugu language is an event or most appropriately, ritual which is done to formally introduce the child to the extended family and the whole community. On that day, everybody gathers either in the temple or the family house and the child and mother are bathed and well clothed before the ritual begins. When the ritual starts, the paternal grandfather whispers the names to the child’s ear three times before it is announced to the crowd. The ritual helps to indicate the gender of the child either male or female, before either Telugu Names for Boys or Telugu Names for Girls are given to the child. This ritual is carried out either on the 10th day or 12th day after the child birth. This naming ceremony also contains the Barasala which entails the given of four different Baby Names in Telugu to the new child but, only one name is announced to the crowd.

    The new child is given Baby Boy names and Girl Names in Telugu with Meanings based on the gender of the child, these names are always unique and comprises of good fortunes, bright future and blessings for the child. Children’s Names Telugu are written in rice during the ritual before the name is then announced to all the people gathered at the naming ceremony. These Baby Names in Telugu Boy and Girl are used to allow the parents know that you as a parent have to help your child and shape him or her to become good citizens in the future and also support the child to have a bright future. Baby Girl Names in Telugu and also Baby Boy Names in Telugu are sometimes derived from the family deities. The names could be from either the father’s family religion or the mother’s family religion. These names are given to the child to allow the deity to protect the child from evil deeds. If the names are too long, they are shortened and only used as the suffix of the child’s name.

    The Best Telugu Baby Girl Names and also baby boy names can be gotten online and these names come with their various meanings, we believe we are the best in suggesting awesome baby names. However, these names are believed to affect the child’s future and growth development whether in positive or negative ways, therefore, it is important to name the child with names of good meanings. In some cases where the names are too long, the parent can shorten the names to various Nicknames for Boys and Girls in Telugu. The nicknames are then used to call the child affectionately which then makes the child feel loved and adored by his or her parents. The Baby Names Boy Telugu Language comes with strong meanings which are believed to make the child grow stronger and be independent in the future. Some of the names when interpreted in Telugu language may mean, strength, bavery, independent, majesty, reliance and so on. The Latest Telugu Boy Names are more relaxed in meanings when compared to the old names of boys. Even other Asian countries have started adopting various Telugu modern names with nice meanings for their children.

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