Who is Barbara May Cameron?

Barbara May Cameron

Have you ever heard Barbara May Cameron quotes? Wondering why Google Doodle is celebrating her birth anniversary? If yes, then you are at the right place. Read the article till the end.

Who was Barbara May Cameron?

Barbara was a highly influential Native American poet, writer, and photographer. Moreover, she was famous as an exceptional human rights activist who advocated for various gays’, lesbians’, and women’s rights. Today, she is remembered for her passionate speeches and writings.

Barbara May Cameron Birthday and Age

Barbara came to this world on 22Nd May 1952 on a Standing Rock Indian Reservation. This place is located somewhere between South Dakota and the US borders of the North. So, we can say, that Barbara was a significant part of Fort Yates Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, especially the Hunkpapa Lakota. She spent most of her early life in Fort Yates Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North Dakota, under the supervision and care of her grandparents.

Educational Background

Barbara May Cameron took her primary and secondary education on the Standing Rock Reservation.

She then enrolled at the Institute of American Indian Arts to pursue her passion for filming and Barbara May Cameron photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Later on, to embark on a new chapter of her activist and artistic journey, she attended an event at the San Francisco Art Institute by relocating permanently.

Barbara May Cameron Activities

After coming out to be a lesbian, Barbara relocated to San Fransisco and pushed for LGBTQIA + inclusion in 1973 in the Native American community. There she addressed massive racism in queer spaces.

Soon, she became the chief executive director of the Community United Against Violence. There she helped a large number of victims of domestic abuse and hate crimes.

Furthermore, the mayor of San Fransisco appointed her to the San Fransisco Human Rights Commission and the Citizens Committee on Community Development. The upcoming mayor then appointed her at a high rank on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Moreover, Barbara had also been working as an executive consultant for the Centers for Disease Control and the US Department of Health and Human Services in the early 1990s. Through this position, she was primarily involved with the famous American Indian AIDS Institute and the Sans Fransisco AIDS Foundation.

Barbara Notable Accomplishments

Some of the most prominent activities and accomplishments of Barbara included the following:

  1. Barbara co-founded the Gay American Indian Liberation Organization.
  2. In addition to that, she became the in-charge of the Lesbian Gay Freedom Day Parade and Celebration for over five years from 1980 to 1985.
  3. In the year 1992, she was successfully honored with the famous Harvey Milk Award for Community Service.
  4. Also, she became the very first woman in the world to receive the Bay Area Career Women Community Service Award.
  5. Moreover, she brightly collaborated with the International AIDS Network in the year 1993.
  6. She traveled through many Indian reservations throughout the United States of America engaging and promoting AIDS education.
  7. Last but not least, with her first published work project of the Native American Women Writers, Barbara became the founder of the renowned Native American Health and Wellness Institute.

Was Barbara Married?

Yes, Barbara had been in a relationship with a 21-year-old guy named Linda Boyd. They had a Barbara May Cameron son named Rhys Boyd-Farrell from that relationship. All the three were leading a happy family together.  

How Did Barbara May Cameron Die?

Barbara passed away on the 12th of February in 2002 at the age of 47 years. Her medical reports however suggested that she expired due to some natural causes. When she died, her screenplay writing named “Long Time No See” was still unfinished till yet.

After her death, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors President diligently paid his respects and honor at her funeral. This honor was primarily due to her valuable contributions to lesbians’ and gays’ rights.

Why has Google Honored Barbara May Cameron with a Doodle?

Google celebrated the 69th Barbara May Cameron birthday with a special doodle.

Sienne Gonzales, a Chitimachan artist and an LGBT Mexican, created this unique doodle artwork to acknowledge and admire her role.

That doodle illustration primarily showed Barbara May Cameron holding an LGBTQIA + flag and standing in front of a split backdrop. That depicted both the Standing Rock Reservation where she was born and raised, and the vibrant city where she spent the second half of her life.

However, speaking about her doodle’s creativity, its artist Sienna Gonzales stated:

“It was an absolute privilege and honor to show Barbara May Cameron and pay her hearty tribute to her as an inspiring champion, especially for queer Native American visibility”.

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Who was Barbara?

Barbara May Cameron was considered a champion of human, gay, and lesbian rights. Moreover, she was a lesbian poet, writer, photographer, and a diligent human rights activist and advocate.

Why was Barbara May Cameron so Famous?

Barbara was renowned worldwide because she was involved in a large number of human betterment activities and programs. Some most highlighted ones of which primarily included her organization of the Lesbian Geay Freedom Day Celebration and Parade from 1980 to 1985.

Moreover, she also bravely led a lawsuit against the Immigration and Neutralization Service. Additionally, she was also admired for being appointed as an executive director to both the San Fransisco Human Rights Commission on the Women Status and the Citizens Committee on Community Development.

Is Barbara May Cameron Still Alive?

No, she is no longer alive. The news of Barbara May Cameron death became viral all over social media. However, it was found out that she died of natural causes.

When and How Did Barbara Die?

Barbara was born on 22nd May 1954, and she sadly died on 12 February 2002. There was no specific reason for her death, it was found that she died of natural causes.

What Was Barbara May Cameron Age at The Time of Death?

At the time of death, Barbara was just 47 years old. Her medical report suggested that she died of natural causes.

After her death, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors President diligently paid his respects and honor at her funeral. This honor was primarily due to her valuable contributions to lesbians’ and gays’ rights.


Google’s search engine Google Doodle is commemorating the 69th Barbara May Cameron birthday anniversary. Barbara was a globally recognized author, poet, writer, and an efficient advocate for gay and lesbian rights. She was born on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation on 22nd May 1954 and died on 12th February 2002 at the age of 47.


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