Barber Or A Salon Stylist – What’s The Right Choice For You?

Barber Or A Salon

Most of us are often confused about whether we should head to a hairstylist or a reputable mens’ barber near us. The answer would be much simpler; even so, it depends on several factors. Just like you wouldn’t go to an optometrist for brain surgery similar, you don’t have to go to a luxe salon for a flattop. Barbers mainly focus on classy haircuts and grooming services; they cannot give you long shag tinsels and highlights. 

With all such concerns and questions, many of you may still have to decide whether to choose a salon or barber for your haircut. Well, definitely, this can be tricky for us. The primary difference between the hairstylists and best barbers in Edmonton is that they are trained to cut hair shorter, while the stylists are trained to cut fuller, longer mens’ styles. 

Any barbershop near you will focus mainly on cutting hair. On the contrary, a salon expert will have training and skills for styling hair as per the latest trends. Now, this doesn’t mean visiting barbers is worth nothing. Many premium barber shops around you will also serve hair styling, perming, hair colouring, grooming, beard trimming, and hair tattoos. You just need to find the most suitable one as per your requirements and preferences. 

The thin line is getting blurred between both these options; here, we have presented a quick rundown that explains it all. So let’s go through it:

Visit A Barber If: 

  • You are on a short budget. Most of them have affordable service prices, which will ultimately help you save more. 
  • You wish to get a traditional, short haircut like fade, military, flattop, or a buzzcut. 
  • You need a quick shave or a beard trim. Mens’ barbers near you will serve you the real treat. 
  • Last but not least, when you choose to go the classic way and don’t prefer any change. 

Visit A Salon Stylist If: 

  • You are looking for a more fashion-forward hairstyle as the experts are more aware of the ongoing hair trends. 
  • You need products, and salons generally have a wide collection of hair styling products. 
  • You are choosing to go longer with your hair. They have more experience in styling and cutting long hair. 
  • You want a change with your all-time style. The styling experts will share suggestions for a hair colour or haircut to flatter your features better. 


This is, again, something tricky to locate, especially when it comes to choosing the best barbers in Edmonton. The choices are very rare; however, we have a reference for you here. Try trusted brands like Compound Cut Club, which are quite popular for their myriad hair cutting and styling services. Whether you need a quick, flawless flattop or want to get those locks coloured in a fashion hue, their expert stylists and barbers will ensure to give you a classy, fresh look. 

In the end, finding an experienced barber involves a lot more than we can imagine. However, it is always good to locate premium options for a great start. So what do you favour more? A salon stylist or a barber, let us know in the comments. We’d love to read your answers.


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