Barcelona – The famous tiki-taka style of football at one time


Barcelona can be said to be one of the top excellent teams in the world as well as in Spain. Possessing a long and heroic history with many titles and beautiful playing style, the team also has a great number of fans. In the following article, Xoilac TV will bring some information about this team.

History of the formation of Barcelona football club

It can be seen that to have a successful Barcelona like now, this team has gone through many ups and downs. In the following article, Xoilac TV will bring some information about the team’s outstanding periods.

The early years of Barcelona’s founding

Barcelona, a great football club, began its journey in the early years of the 20th century. In 1899, a group of football enthusiasts, under the leadership of Joan Gamper, founded Barcelona Club.

The first years were challenging and full of difficulties, but love and passion kept them united. Camp de la Indústria was where they initially played before moving to Les Corts. Over time, Barcelona became a cultural and sports icon, with the constant efforts of its players and fans, marking a legendary journey.

First year of establishment of Barcelona club

The golden period of Pep Guardiola

Barcelona’s golden age under Pep Guardiola, from 2008 to 2012, was an impressive and prosperous era. According to Xoilac TV, Guardiola brought the team to the peak by defeating many titles, including La Liga, UEFA Champions League and the Spanish King’s Cup.

The tiki-taka style, with its brilliant combination of individual technique and team focus, has created an unparalleled Barcelona. With Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta are bright stars, united to create a golden page in world football history.

Remarkable achievements of Barcelona football club

Barcelona, a football empire, makes its mark with incredible achievements. With eight UEFA Champions League titles and 26 La Liga titles, they are a symbol of success in Spanish football. In particular, the golden period under Pep Guardiola last decade demonstrated Barça’s strength with a hat-trick of La Liga, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League in one season (2008-2009).

Barcelona club’s achievements

Some interesting points about Barcelona club

There are also some outstanding points in this team that true fans still don’t know about. In the following article, Xoilac TV will review some interesting information related to this team.

Owner of the top El-Clasico matches of the football world

Barcelona, a great team, is the owner of the top El Clasico matches in the football world. Meeting traditional rival Real Madrid, the confrontations between these two teams become attractive and hot events.

From the attraction of the Nou Camp to the fierce battles at the Bernabeu, Barcelona has proven its class and talent. According to Xoilac TV, the excellence of top players has created legendary moments, making El Clasico a top and memorable match in the hearts of football fans.

Owner of El-Clasico matches

The first team to possess the fearsome tiki-taka football style in Europe

Spain’s Barcelona is the first team to possess the fearsome tiki-taka football style in Europe. Under the guidance of coach Pep Guardiola, Barça has turned this method into an art, combining individual technique and team concentration to control the match. The fast, sophisticated and flexible style of play has created an unpredictable team, helping them achieve success.


Above is a summary of some interesting news about Barcelona football club that we want to bring to you. With one of the most famous clubs in soccer, there are certainly many other interesting things. For more information about this team, come to Xoilac TV.

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