Benefits of studying MBA in Vancouver


For many professionals, acquiring an MBA education seems like a promising step for career advancement. As an MBA degree guarantees a successful career and adds value to a resume, most aspirants prefer a top study destination abroad for earning a degree. There is no denying that MBA graduates’ job opportunities and earning potential are way higher than other professionals. Therefore, an MBA degree is regarded as a healthy return on investment. Aspiring working professionals or entrepreneurs can choose MBA Vancouver, Canada, to gain an edge over competitors. 

After learning the advantages of obtaining an MBA degree, we will introduce you to the benefits you will gain while pursuing it in Canada’s Vancouver. So, let’s talk about these benefits in detail.

  1. High quality of education at affordable cost

Canadian universities provide a high quality of education at an affordable cost to domestic and international students. The education system of universities in Vancouver is famous worldwide. The MBA program cost in Vancouver universities makes it more accessible for a large number of prospective students. Besides, pursuing an MBA program in Canada is comparatively less expensive than in the US or Canada.

  1. Array of opportunities

Canada’s Vancouver is an important hub of trade and commerce with a flourishing economy. Interestingly, the city is home to several tech giants, such as Amazon, Hootsuite, Microsoft, Article, EA Games, and Trulioo. These companies offer job opportunities to eligible students for a variety of roles in their offices at a high-end salary package. Vancouver also offers a healthy climate for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to grow and prosper.

  1. Enjoy a high standard of living

Interestingly, Canada’s Vancouver is on the list of best places to live in the world. A report published by the OECD Better Life Index suggests that Vancouver ranks above the average in housing, personal security, health status, social connections, income, work-life balance, and education. According to InterNations GO, the monthly cost of living for an individual in Vancouver is approximately CAD 1,180.

  1. Start your business from scratch in Vancouver

One of the important reasons for taking up an MBA program in Vancouver is its start-up scenes. This city is considered as the start-up hub as it has the best start-up scenes globally. After completing the program, you can build and grow a start-up company of your own as the city provides excellent exposure to the technology community. A report published by Tracxn in April 2021 reveals that this city consists of more than 2,244 tech start-ups. Hootsuite, Indochino, General Fusion, Corvus Energy, Etalim, Saltworks, AweSense, Intuitive AI, and SunCentral are prominent and hottest Vancouver start-ups.

Above all, Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city, as people from different parts of the world come here to gain experiences and global exposure. Thus, pursuing an MBA from Vancouver will allow you to learn from peers and build networks. So, consider a reputed university in Vancouver to obtain an MBA degree for a promising future. Apply now!

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