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In the 21st century, there are many applications and sites for learning Japanese. Today we will talk about those that deserve the attention of beginners and experienced fighters! Of course, such applications will not replace tutors and experienced professionals. Still, they will help create and maintain a solid knowledge base that will never get in the way of learning Japanese!


If you have already learned the alphabet, know English, and don’t mind 400-450 rubles a month, this application is for you! Even though it is paid (only the first three levels out of 60 are free), Wanikani fully justifies this investment.

At each level, you are invited to learn several radicals, i.e., parts of the hieroglyph, the hieroglyphs themselves, and the words in which they are used. An unusual technique for memorizing hieroglyphs is also worth mentioning: a short mnemonic story is offered for each element, based on what it looks like! The method of repetitions themselves is also pleasing: words appear in the queue after 4, 8, and 24 hours after studying, depending on the correctness of the answer. Correct answer = extended follow-up time. The last step is three months, and if you give the correct answer, the element is considered learned!


Obenkyo is a free application from a French developer, available in several languages, including Russian. The application is designed for beginners, but it is quite suitable as a practice for various levels of language proficiency.

The handwriting recognition system is very well developed here: the student himself can write either alphabet characters or hieroglyphs on the screen. The program will give the correct version and show if a mistake was made somewhere. Of the pluses, one can also name the fact that the application contains a grammatical commentary, where the basic and the main constructions of the Japanese language are explained in an accessible way.


It is an unusual application that uses either ready-made or user-created cards. Based on the name – 暗記 anki (memorize), this application’s primary goal is for the student to remember everything necessary. The system is similar to Wanikani: the next repetition can be delayed. Unlike the first one, where the program chooses the delay, in Anki everything depends on the person: repeat the element after 5 minutes or after five days! This application is also interesting because it is designed for many languages ​​and topics: history, Chinese, medicine and Italian – here you can learn everything!

One of the few disadvantages of Anki is that it is somewhat tricky to use: the application requires computer skills. It is better to download the application and the necessary decks of cards to a PC and then to the phone, where they can be repeated. This application will help you learn the material you need with proper and timely use.

Easy Japanese

It is an application that will help beginners if they want to learn a language by memorizing useful phrases. The application is divided into 48 lessons, each with its theme and words. The good thing is that you can listen to it all. Moreover, the order and situations of using expressions are clearly explained, which is insanely helpful at the initial levels.

Do not rush to scroll further, experienced sempai, because there is something here that will interest you! Easy Japanese has a separate “News” column, which publishes 3-4 news items daily. The usefulness lies not only in reading the news in Japanese.


One of the most popular language-learning apps, and it’s no wonder: there are over ten languages ​​to choose from!

The advantage of this application is the ability to choose what interests a particular person. Need to learn the alphabet, but is it still far from hieroglyphs? Easy! The course is ready! Have you discovered the alphabet for a long time and are eager to pass H1? Easily! There is a course for you too! What if you don’t need written Japanese and want to learn how to speak it? What could be easier! It is also pleasing that native speakers in a mini-video duplicate all phrases. It allows the student to understand where it is better to speed up his speech, where to slow down, and where to highlight the right moments.

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