What are the best hashtags for Instagram to grow faster?

best hashtags for Instagram

You probably know that hashtags , those words or phrases preceded by a # that you write after the text of your content, are essential to allow your content to always reach new people.

When used correctly, hashtags are one of the best ways to increase the reach of your posts and hopefully get more followers and engagement on your profile. Without the use of #s, the danger is that your content will quickly go into oblivion and not be seen by anyone other than (perhaps) by your followers. You might think that using the most popular and followed hashtags is the magic formula to get your posts noticed.Using a good hashtag can help you attract more free Instagram followers.

Popular hashtags vs perfect hashtags: which are the best?

A hashtag with a million photos at first glance might seem perfect to use (who hasn’t been tempted to use a cheeky #love or #cat?) But, in reality, it’s very hard for your content to stand out with hashtags like these. The most important thing, what makes the difference, is that your post will fail to rank in the “most popular content” section of the hashtag.

This is the key to getting strangers to discover your profile and what you post! The number of posts published for a given hashtag is a competitive index. So by the time you publish a post with a # used by millions of people, it will become obsolete within 3 seconds.(no, that’s not a joke)! The hashtags that work best for you depend on your account size, how many people follow you, and your industry niche.

You should focus on hashtags that do not have too many posts and in which the “popular posts” in the foreground have, on average, the same number of likes that you receive on your photos. Selecting hashtags in this way increases the likelihood that your post will stand out and be present in the “popular posts” associated with the right hashtags for your industry and the content you have published. Take the example of the hashtag #arredobagno. At the time of writing, the hashtag contains nearly 81,000 posts. Looking at the “best posts” section, it takes an average of 700 – 1,000 likes to rank in the section. If your profile does not reach this “like” level, it will be extremely difficult to classify content in this space. But how can we go about finding the best #s to use? If you can use it well, more free Instagram likes will increase. We reveal a couple of tricks.

1) How to find the best

Find and write down as many hashtags as possible that are relevant to your industry or company. Use an Excel sheet or a text sheet to make your job faster and easier. You can do this manually or use a hashtag tool, such as Hashtagify or Tagfinder.

Write down everything on the hashtags: how many posts they have, how many posts there are per day and how many likes on average the “popular posts” have in the hashtag.

Compare these figures with the engagement on your account. How many likes does your content currently get? You should select the hashtags where the featured “popular posts” have about the same amount of likes as you regularly receive.

Together with the main hashtags of your sector, you can also experiment with other # that recall the elements present in the photo . However, remember that they must always be traceable to your sector or in any case that they are relevant.

Although Instagram allows you to use 30 of them, using such a large number could make your post seem inaccurate, unprofessional or even be seen as spam. Try using 6-7 # instead.

Insert your hashtags in the caption . If you don’t want them to be immediately visible, create some line breaks by using spaces or invisible periods after the caption text.

Experiment with different hashtag combinations to find out what works for you and your industry. Track your progress in an Excel sheet or text sheet.

It is important not to use the same set of hashtags in every post , as Instagram may classify it as spam. Instagram followers free will be increased by this way.

2) Create a custom # for your company

Another way to gain visibility is to create one or more custom #s to group a certain type of content (e.g. a section dedicated to your sector) or something that users can reuse to share their photos or stories. This, especially for the most followed accounts, is a perfect way to engage users and get yourself a secondary advertisement. A sort of word of mouth of the future! Do not use more than 2/3 per content!

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