Best Loadouts in PUBG Mobile

Best Loadouts in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers thrills on a handheld no matter how you slice it, and players tend to lose track of time when battling on maps like Miramar and Erangel. Plus, the game’s store always has something new to get excited about once you apply a PUBG UC redeem code, both in terms of form and functionality. 

The result is a title that effortlessly scratches the FPS-Battle Royale itch while on the go, but also one that knows how to respect the player’s dedication and hard work. Mastering PUBG Mobile will be a work in progress, though going in prepared is often half the battle.

To clear the mist for newcomers, here’s our list of the best loadouts in PUBG Mobile!

DP-28 and Uzi

Playing PUBG Mobile is all about remaining resourceful without much ammo at your disposal, but the playing field is even for all players. Having the means to capitalize on small windows of opportunities is the key to eventually dominating the map, but some of the game’s weapons require prolonged practice sessions to be considered effective.

Thus, sometimes the average-looking examples of the various types of armaments will end up winning the day due to how reliable they are. If you play into their strengths right, they’ll complement each other in several ways, leaving you equipped for practically any scenario that may arise.

The DP-28 and the Uzi combo may sound “meh” on paper, but both of these weapons excel in close and mid-range bouts while offering intuitive handling. The Uzi fires out 25 rounds per minute with a recoil that won’t ruin your aim and comes with a large magazine size to boot. Meanwhile, the DP-28 is one of the game’s most balanced light machine guns: it’s incredibly easy to use, does a hefty amount of damage, and you can also attach a scope to it!

AWM and M416

The AWM is a notorious sniper rifle due to its capability to one-shot even targets wearing Level 3 helmets. However, it has a slow fire rate and will probably announce your position to the world upon firing. At that point, you can take out the trusty M416 assault rifle to stop approaching enemies in their tracks. While the base form of the M416 leaves a lot to be desired, there’s no doubt how amazing a decked-out version of this rifle is!

UMP45 and AKM

While it comes with a palpable amount of kickback, the AKM is one of the most dangerous rifles in the game, both in its single-bullet and automatic fire modes. The player can always rely on its stopping power in the heat of the battle, and foes will get deterred after noticing how effective this gun is. The UMP 45 pairs greatly with it due to how easy it is to tune it for a variety of appliances. For example, you can slap a scope on it to easily harass enemies from a distance, before switching to the AKM when they take the bait.

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