Best Localities to Live in North Bangalore with Affordable Cost


Bangalore is an employment hub, honoured with numerous names like ‘Silicon Valley of India’, ‘Garden City of India’, and more. Its rich development-inducing space invites people from all corners of India. This gives the city an exquisite cultural mix. The city is a haven for people hailing from all income groups. Many consider Bangalore a costly city; however, such is not the case – not at least if you know how to hunt a house for rent that matches your demands.

When it comes to living, North Bangalore provides a great space due to the real estate boom. If you are looking for the best yet most affordable localities to rent a house in North Bangalore, we’ve got a list curated just for you.

RT Nagar – The Educational Ground

RT Nagar, or Rabindranath Tagore Nagar, is a locality near Central Bangalore and is known for its educational excellence. The place offers As a student or a working bachelor, consider this locality to be a boon for you as it has plenty of educational institutions, companies, and restaurants to let you sleep with a full stomach at night. It offers affordable rooms for bachelors and families. If you are seeking a house for rent in RT Nagar, here is what living there will be like:

  • Benefits of living – The famous Bengaluru Palace lies in the heart of RT Nagar. Due to this, the location gets the benefit of excellent roads, transportation, and other urban infrastructure. The place has many big stores, including Reliance, City Fashion, etc. The best thing about RT Nagar is its proximity to Central Bangalore.
  • Cost of living – Considering the area’s quality, rent here is not very high. The rent for 1 BHK starts from 5,000 and peaks up to 25,000. Food and grocery costs are similar to the other affordable areas of Bangalore and can be concluded under 10,000, including the weekend night-outs.

Banaswadi – The Seat of Temples

Situated in the northeastern part of Bangalore, Banaswadi is famous among the residents for its many temples. The most famous temple in the area is Anjaneya Swamy temple. For a person coming to shift in and stay, Banaswadi offers ample social and physical infrastructure. If you are seeking a house for rent in Banaswadi, here is what living there will be like:

  • Benefits of living – The locality has seen rapid development due to its link with the Outer Ring Road. This has provided Banaswadi with quality roads for a smooth commute. The locality has its railway station called Banaswadi railway station. The area is green and has plenty of schools, hospitals, malls, theatres, supermarkets, etc., within 2 to 3 Km. Banaswadi provides good transportation facilities with cabs, buses, trains, and autorickshaws. The best thing about Banaswadi is its proximity to Baiyappanahalli Metro Station which lies at a distance of 4 Km. Using the metro, you can travel cheaply anywhere in Bangalore city.
  • Cost of living – Banaswadi offers affordable spaces to live in. It is excellent for both bachelors and families as the rent in the place starts from 5,000. Food and groceries, including snacks and a few online orders, will cost you around 5,000 to 6,000. If you are looking to go out on the weekend, all the facilities are nearby, and you’ll face no traffic issues like those in central Bangalore.

Yelahanka – The Place of Weavers

Yelahanka, with a name that originated from ‘Valipakka’, meaning ‘along the highway,’ is located on the northern side of Bangalore. The locality is famous for its weavers holding expertise in looming silk, chiffon, etc. If you are seeking a house for rent in Yelahanka, here is what living there will be like:

  • Benefits of living – Considering that Bangalore Airport lies far away from the main city, Yelahanka provides the opportunity to live closer to the airport. Apart from it, Yelahanka also has its own railway station called Yelahanka Railway Junction. The locality offers affordable living space for bachelors, couples, and families looking for rooms in the mid-price range. Yelahanka provides many benefits like great green cover with lots of trees and lakes, excellent educational establishments, numerous restaurants with affordable prices, markets, etc.
  • Cost of living – You can easily get rooms and homes for rent at prices far cheaper than Central Bangalore. The price range generally starts from 7,000 Rs. per month with no high range. After a little search, you can quickly get PGs, rooms, apartments, and so on. Food and Groceries cost a little cheaper than in the other posh areas. Food (including snacks and a few online orders) can cost around 5,000 to 6,000 per person. If your office is far from the main city, the transportation cost might shoot your budget.

Jalahalli – The Forest’s Haven

If you love the calm and care of nature, Jalahalli is the place for you. Located in the northern part of Bangalore, Jalahalli is famous for being the greenest area in Bangalore. It has seen rapid development in the past decades in terms of urban infrastructure. If you love the urban lifestyle, this place is going to give you some excellent nightlife. If you are seeking a house for rent in Jalahalli, here is what living there will be like:

  • Benefits of living – The best this about Jalahalli is that it has its own metro station. Using the Bangalore Metro, you can travel to any part of Bangalore – Whitefield, Lalbagh, Bengaluru Palace, or tipsy ShakesBierre. In terms of employment, Jalahalli is a gem. The locality harbors major industries like BEL, HMT, CMTI, etc. This supports the working population of the city. Apart from it, you can get a quick escape into the Jarakabandi State Forest from the city’s tiring lifestyle.
  • Cost of living – Jalahalli is extremely affordable in terms of food, rent, and shopping. The rent for 1BHK in Jalahalli starts from 5,000 Rs. and goes as high as 20,000. Fruits and vegetables are not costly here. Apart from it, transportation is not an issue because the area is well connected through roads, the metro, and the Jalahalli railway station. You may easily conclude your food and weekend in under 10,000.

Yeshwanthpura – The Industrial Hub

If you are looking for a friendly and calm semi-urban lifestyle, Yeshwanthpura has it for you. Located in the northwestern part of Bangalore, the place is also known for being an industrial and transport hub. Above it, the place also lauds its educational quality with elite institutions like Christ University, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, etc. If you are seeking a house for rent in Yeshwanthpura, here is what living there will be like:

  • Benefits of living – Yeshwanthpura provides an excellent urban infrastructure that includes roads, colleges, malls, markets, parks, theatres, etc. The famous Radha Krishna Temple (ISKCON) also sits in the lap of Yeshwanthpura. You can visit it anytime to get graced with a morsel of spirituality.
  • Cost of living – When it comes to the price of food, fuel, and rent, Yeshwanthpura shows mercy upon its residents. Food and fuel will cost like any other typical town and can be concluded under 10,000 including weekend gigs. Apart from that, the rent in Yeshwanthpura starts from 7,000 and peaks at 25,000 for 1BHK. Transportation costs won’t be a worry as it is well connected through public transport facilities.

(Disclaimer: Please note that the average renting price is subject to change based on the current market conditions.)


Bangalore city is green yet developed. It has something to offer to everyone. The above five locations are perfect spots in North Bangalore that offer affordable healthcare, schooling, shopping, and recreational benefits. If you know where to look for a house for rent in Bangalore and where to shop, this city won’t disappoint you. Do your research well and cherish what it has to offer.

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