Best Online Trading Platforms in UAE


In this advanced era, where everything from shops to education is available Online Trading, banking and other financial activities are also accessible online. Online trading is one of the most used financial services.

Online trading means that you have an online marketplace for shares to be bought or sold. You buy and sell online shares and the investment is transmitted even online. You can exchange various forms of investment vehicles using the online trading network.

Benefits Of The Online Trading 

Online trading offers many benefits. 

Lower Fee

Unlike conventional trading, online trading offers a lower fee with reduced transaction charges.

Fast and Quick Process

Online trading is a fast process. In trading, time is a crucial element. One minute delay can cause investors a loss of millions. Unlike conventional trading, online trading is quick to make purchases and sales with one click.

Monitoring The Investment

Online trading allows investors to monitor their capital in real-time. With one click they can get the entire history of transactions with a detailed report.

What Are The Online Trading Products?

Investors can invest in commodities and Forex. Online trading is a vast area that allows investors to invest in a wide range of products and services globally. Investors need only a platform for online trading. With the help of an online trading platform, they can sell and purchase products on their screens. 

Best Online Trading Platform in UAE

If you are an investor and looking for the best online trading platform in UAE then Mashreq bank is here to offer its amazing. There are many features that make Mashreq bank the best online trading platform in UAE. 

Gold Edge Online Trading Investment Account

With Mashreq bank gold edge investment account, customers can sell and buy gold as a trading commodity conveniently. They do not need to store it or keep it in their bank. Mashreq bank enables customers to open their accounts effortlessly with a few clicks to start online trading. 

Flexibility is essential to trade online. Mashreq bank provides flexible trading features and limits to its customers. 

Diversification is crucial in online trading. Investors avoid putting all the eggs in one basket. Diversification lessens the possibility of loss. Mashreq bank follows this principle and offers a diversified portfolio to ensure efficiency.

Mashreq Bank Margin Trading

With Mashreq bank margin trading investors can increase their purchasing power. The minimum size of the account/deposit is USD 50,000, and the deposit volume for this deal can be leveraged up to 40 times.

fixed deposit rates in UAE banks

A fixed deposit offers a higher rate than a regular deposit. Mashreq bank is one of the best fixed deposit rates in UAE banks

  • Flexible intervals ranging from only 7 days to one year are available at Fixed Deposit. Mashreq bank gives the customers these options to facilitate them accordingly.
  • With a secured and free credit card, customers have access to their deposit which they can withdraw anytime. 
  • The minimum investment limit is AED10,000.
  •  Fixed Deposits can be invested in AED, USD, GBP, Euro, and other major currencies. 

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