Best Running Shoes for Overpronation- Give Your Feet the Comfort They Deserve


You might not have put your mind to the fact that how your feet land on the floor while walking or running, right? Walking comes to us so naturally that we hardly think about it almost robotically. But paying heed to the fact that how your feet land on the floor does actually matter a lot in your feet alignment, your gait and on your overall structure as well. 

Athletic people especially runners need to really pay attention to this otherwise it can have really negative effects on their health. One of the ways that feet can land on the floor is called overpronation. There are many good shoe options like lace up sneakers for women and men to correct the overpronation of the feet.

What is Overpronation?

In simple, understandable words, overpronation is when your foot rolls inwards when moving, pushing or taking ground from the big toe and the one next to it. This results in the outer part of the heel hitting the ground first making your foot roll inward on the arch. 

For reference, pronation means the flattening of the foot when walking so if you’re in fact overpronating then it means your feet are overly flattened. This is something fairly common and normal as every one of us puts a little pressure on our toes to find our foot in the ground.

However, if this walking mechanism is exaggerated it causes the arch of the feet to flatten further, making the muscles, the tendons and attached ligaments to get strained. It increases the chance of getting ailments such as shin splints, heel spurs, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. 

Everyone can test themselves to see if they are overpronating or not by just examining the wear and tear on the bottom part of their shoes. If the damage is mostly done near the big toe and the inside of the sole towards the ball of the heel then it’s very likely that you do in fact overpronate when walking. Another good pointer is by resting the shoes on a flat surface and checking if they slope inwards.

You can also confirm that you overpronate by checking your shins. Trail along your bone from just below the knee till the ankle, if the line slants inwards then you know you are over pronation.

People who excessively overpronate have flatter feet, they frequently have corns or calluses, and they suffer from knee, hip, heel and back pain and may also have hammer toes.

People can also opt for medical examination for thoroughly checking their overpronation or go to a good shoe store and they will always check your gait before guiding you about the right shoes to choose. There are a ton of options in overpronating shoes like lace up strappy heels for women that not only eases the pain but also provides the right support to correct the situation.

Shoes for Overpronation

The main purpose of overpronation shoes is to make sure that the arch of the feet remain intact and doesn’t flatten out. These shoes offer extra support and comfort which averts the inward slanting of the feet. 

A few decades ago, the overpronation shoes were pretty one toned and didn’t accommodate or appreciate unique gaits but thankfully, new technology and studies have contributed in taking a much more inclusive approach by focusing more on the comfort of the runner rather than putting every person in the same mold. In this article, I have tried to put together a list of best running shoes for overpronation that are sure to accommodate any type of walking style.

1.  Asics Gel Kayano 28

Arguably the best shoe for overpronation is Asics gel Kayano 28, this shoe is a match made in heaven for a runner’s overpronated feet. This shoe style has been around for almost 3 decades now and this latest version is of supreme quality for better flexibility, comfort, support and the whole experience. 

This shoe has topped the list has it leaves no stone unturned to make sure that its wearer’s feet don’t roll inwards with the medial post and the platform of the shoe offers a nice padded landing without any pressure on the heels or ankles.

2.  Socony Hurricane 23

Every overpronated feet crave for a shoe that are not only stable but also very responsive to the natural gait of a person. Saucony hurricane 23 is the perfect shoe for those feet that need comfort along with correction. These particular shoes come with the best cushioning that is only provided in the brands top tier shoes. It uses the PWR RUN+ cushioning, succeeding from the EVERUN cushioning. 

The cushion support goes to the entire length of the shoe and doesn’t only focus at one particular point resulting in a comfort, stability with rectification. The soft mesh type fabric makes them breathable and easy to wash.

3.  Hoka One One’s Arahi 5

This shoe is in the collection of all those runners and athletic personalities that not only have overpronation but also have wider feet.  The standard fitting options may be hundreds out there but what about wide structured feet? Well Hoka One One’s Arahi 5 is the solution to your problem. 

Providing extra room for the toe box along with comfy fit, extra supportive cushioning at the base of the heel and the J-frame making sure that the foot is well supported from heel to medial side. The best thing about this shoe is that it is also available in wider fitting.

4.  Brooks Launch GTS 8

Not everyone has the budget to get themselves a shoe that can support them in treating the overpronation but not anymore. Brooks Launch GTS 8 is a shoe that doesn’t compromise on the quality but fits right in the budget. 

This amazingly lightweight trainer shoe is under $100 providing a good level of cushion support and active responsiveness to the feet movement. The rubber on the front of the foot gives a firm grip and the new air mesh makes it super comfy, airy and light along with incredibly durability.

Summary Points

There are many other amazing options for overpronation shoes out there but I don’t want to overwhelm you with options making the decision tougher than it already is. The shoe option covers every aspect of worry in one’s mind, so without killing your feet any further, it’s now time to support them.

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