Breaking Down The Fundamentals Of CHIPS Funding

Fundamentals Of CHIPS Funding

With a high demand for semiconductor chips today, businesses looking to venture into their manufacture can benefit from the CHIPS funding. CHIPS Act provides funding and investment into revitalizing domestic semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing.

It’s a great move from the government to boost the semiconductor industry and strengthen the workforce by creating more jobs. With the CHIPS funding, the country can be self-reliant, reduce chip shortage, and have fewer imports.

Since CHIPS funding strengthens innovation across sectors, it’s important to understand its key facets. 

What is the CHIPS Act? 

CHIPS stands for Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors. The United States wants to start making more chips locally by creating manufacturing plants. The CHIPS and Science Act enables over $52 billion in federal investments into areas like semiconductor fabrication, R&D, supply chain security, and more.

With bipartisan Congressional support, the CHIPS funding aims to strengthen US high-tech leadership and economic competitiveness. Having more chips made locally also improves security and protects supply chains.

The CHIPS Funding Programs

 CHIPS funding will provide money through five main programs:

1. CHIPS for America Fund: This gives money to companies to build advanced chip factories and do research on better chips. It aims to improve chip technology and manufacture more chips at home.

2. National Semiconductor Technology Center: This funds projects by universities and businesses doing early-stage research on designing and testing new chips in better ways. 

3. Manufacturing USA Institute: This sets up a group of industry and academics working together to develop the best ways to manufacture semiconductor chips.

4. Microelectronics Commons Facility: This builds shared spaces where researchers from different organizations can use things like materials, software, and tools to drive innovations in chip technology.

5. Rapid Innovation Fund: This gives smaller amounts of seed money to startups and researchers with ideas that could become breakthroughs in advanced chips and related electronics. 

The main goals across all these programs are:

  • Produce more advanced chips in the United States 
  • Develop future chip technologies 
  • Train skilled workers
  • Improve the security of critical chip supply chains

Beyond Expanding Chip Production

While expanding domestic chip fabrication is crucial,  CHIPS funding also focuses on:

Workforce Development – Grants aimed at semiconductor-focused education and training programs. 

Emerging technologies – Research into areas like AI, quantum, biotech, and green semiconductors.

Supply chain security – Programs securing critical raw materials and minimizing reliance on unstable sources.

Applying for CHIPS Funding Backing 

There are distinct processes for the different CHIPS programs. However, some common fundamentals include competitive selection criteria. Applications are evaluated on technical merits, team capabilities, budgets, and commercialization. 

Others are;

Public-private partnerships – Projects showing collaboration across industry, academia, and public sector preferred.

Cost-sharing – The government expects recipients to match a portion of funds.

Project timelines – Multi-year projects achieving objectives in phases are more viable. 

Key considerations for applicants include:

  • Understanding statutory requirements for eligibility and proposal priorities.
  • Highlighting technical capabilities, resources, and expertise in advanced semiconductors. 
  • Establishing consortiums across research entities and private sector partners.

In Conclusion

Position your organization across funding areas and programs to allow you to leverage this unparalleled investment into reviving America’s semiconductor leadership. Mastering the fundamentals behind the CHIPS funding is the first step towards securing this pivotal support. Get pre-application support from consultants.


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