Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021
    Burned Childrens' Fund: Helping Burned Children

    If you ever wondered how your tax dollars are being used to help sick burn patients, then the Burned Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation is the organization for you. This is an amazing local charity located in Everett Washington, which helps children across the entire United States from childhood through adult stage. They provide medical care, psychological treatment, as well as intensive therapy to burn victims and their families. All of these are done in an environment that fosters patient’s safety and encourages them to become self-reliant. The foundation has been very successful in their goal to make this area a no-fault zone for the community as well as for the burn victim and their family. The organization even serves as a clearing house for other agencies to refer new patients to.

    The Burned Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation was established with the mission of building a specialized children’s outpatient facility. This would include a well equipped and qualified staff to assist the burn victim as they undergo treatment. A portion of the funds raised from the foundation’s fund raiser goes directly into the operating budget for the organization. This keeps the organization fully staffed and has allowed it to expand its services to more areas than before.

    The Burned Children’s Memorial Hospital has opened its doors to more than just a hospital. It has transformed into a comprehensive Burned Childrens‘ Care center. This includes a fully operational adult burn center, a children’s hospital, an urgent care center, and a clinic. All of these are staffed by specially trained and certified mental health professionals who have dedicated their time and efforts to providing a quality environment and setting for the patients. All of the patients and their families have a high degree of comfort in the presence of professionals who are fully committed to making them feel at home.

    If you or a loved one has found yourself or a loved one battling with cancer or another devastating disease, you will find that the Burned Childrens’ Memorial Hospital is a comforting and inspiring place to be. This organization offers the very best in medical treatments as well as psychological care to children who are struggling to overcome the tragic circumstances they are dealing with. They are able to take advantage of the facilities and staff of this amazing organization.

    If your child is diagnosed with cancer or any other devastating disease, you want to make sure they get the very best care. They need the same type of care that any other cancer patient who has suffered the same type of tragedy goes through. The Burned Children’s Memorial Hospital staff takes pride in treating each patient with dignity and respect. In addition, they want each of the children to know that they are loved and cared for. The staff also wants each family to understand that they have access to the same quality of care that any cancer patient has.

    Because of the dedication and caring that the Burned Childrens’ Memorial Hospital has shown to each of their patients and their families, more people are now becoming interested in being a part of this great organization. As the demand for their services increases, the funds need to keep up. This organization needs the help of the community to continue providing these services. The Burned Childrens’ Fund was created to help children in the community who suffer from such traumatic losses. The fund gives them the support they need to give to their patients so they can survive.

    If you feel compelled to help a Burned Childrens’ Fund recipient, there are several ways to do so. You can send a gift of money, material items, or even plants to help their cause. It is important to remember to only send a gift if it truly is intended to help the particular Burned Childrens’ Fund recipient who is needing the funds. Many people falsely believe that the Burned Childrens’ Fund will allow them to donate money to the patients they have personally lost. This is not the case and can have negative effects on a person’s recovery.

    The fund also works to help in other ways as well. The organization works with local hospitals to coordinate with local law enforcement on a consistent basis. The organization also conducts outreach programs in an effort to not only increase knowledge of the disease but to also increase awareness of the need for funds to assist these unfortunate patients. To date, the Burn Child‘ Fund has assisted hundreds of burn patients as they recover. They strive to assist those patients who have suffered life-threatening injuries. Each year, they host a Burned Childrens’ Day Festival to further increase awareness of the disease and its affects on our youth.

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