First and foremost, if you are new to the real estate sector, you may ask what a tax auction is. A property tax auction is a real estate sale that takes place after a property owner falls behind on their property tax payments for a length of time. The governmental agency sells the property at auction to pay the unpaid property taxes like the Capital Smart City. As a result, a property sold at a tax sale is frequently sold for less than it would be on the open market. Purchasing a property at auction, on the other hand, entails considerable dangers.

The next section of this article is for those who aren’t new to the real estate world and are concerned about making costly mistakes. Here are the top four things that you should avoid at tax auctions at all costs:

Don’t Undervalue the Property’s Worth.

In most cases, when you buy property at tax auctions, you purchase a property that you will not be able to enter. You can analyze the property’s condition from the outside, but you won’t be able to assess the inside state in most cases. As a result, when estimating the price of a property using comparable properties, many investors believe the property is in poor shape. Conversely, the cost of the property will only rise if it is in better condition than expected.

Don’t Go Above Your Selected Maximum Bid.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the bidding frenzy and overpay for a property. Determine the most significant price you would be willing to spend for the property once you’ve identified its value, considering any potential repairs or rental income. You might follow the 70 percent guideline or set your maximum bid as a percentage of the property’s as-is value.

If you’re a wise investor, you’ll go into the tax auction knowing what your maximum bid is, regardless of which method you choose. Stop bidding if the price is higher than that. Overpaying for a property is one of the most common investing blunders you could make.

Never Commit to a Specific Property.

Don’t be disappointed if the property you planned to bid on is not on auction. Only a few properties on the vast list of those up for sale will be in the auction. The seller may have paid the taxes shortly before the sale, or the homeowner may have filed for bankruptcy, preventing the collection of the unpaid taxes for the time being. You can spend more time researching properties to be able to bid on one or two.

Buying property at tax auctions is a unique approach to locate off-market investment opportunities at low prices, but not every property is a decent deal. Keep educating yourself on the tax laws in the state and county of your choice before you begin investing. Look at recent tax auction transactions to see what homes went for, and then perform your due diligence to see if buying a property at a tax auction in your area is a good investment.

Never Forget to Check for Other Liens.

Certain liens, such as open mortgages on the property, will be removed when clearing a title after a tax auction sale. Certain liens, however, will not be eliminated, including:

  • Municipal fines.
  • Infractions of the law.
  • Tax liens from other sources.

Before the sale, some counties will give a lien search to assist bidders in conducting their due diligence on the property. Public records may also provide this information. Furthermore, it would be best if you verified with your local municipality’s code department to determine whether any liens, both recorded and unrecorded, exist.


Property tax auctions can offer investors or house purchasers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a great deal on a property. However, as previously discussed, there are some inherent liabilities in purchasing real estate at auction. Therefore, it’s critical to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the procedure and the properties you want to buy. Using a local real estate agent to spot potential property can be highly beneficial. Sigma Properties urges that you follow these guidelines to stay in the right mindset for lucrative. And real estate investing in this niche market.

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