Can Adults Use Cradle Cap Shampoo?

Cradle Cap Shampoo

The question you are asking is very important. It depends on the type of product you are using. Not all cradle cap shampoos are made for both children and adults.

Each product has its own specification but most of the products are made for children. The reason is that this skin condition is linked to children.

In adults, it is used to be described as dandruff. So, if the condition is the same, will one product work for both?

This article is all about the treatment of cradle cap in adults. 

Difference between Adults and Children’s Cradle cap

Seborrheic Dermatitis is a condition that causes the formation of crusty or oily flakes on the scalp and sometimes creates scaly patches on the skin. The flakes look yellow or white.

This condition is known as dandruff in adults and cradle cap in toddlers and infants. 

In adults, it occurs on the scalp, face, and eyebrows. In children, it occurs on the face, eyebrows, scalp, forehead, behind ears, diaper area, and skin folds.

Both conditions are harmless and are not contagious. Inflammation, redness, and itching are severe conditions in both diseases.

Is it good to use cradle cap shampoo for adults?

It totally depends on the type of product you are using. Most of the products that are used for the treatment of flakes are for children. 

The products for babies usually don’t contain fragrances and irritants due to the sensitivity of the skin. Most of the products have this feature but it doesn’t mean that you can use it on adults. 

It may cause problems or prove ineffective for the treatment.

However, if you want to use a cradle cap shampoo for both children and adults, the best approach is Happy Cappy Shampoo. Dr. Eddie Valanzuela is a pediatrician and founder of this website and they provide baby care products. 

All the products developed by Dr. Eddie are safe and effective to use. The interesting thing is that all the products contain natural ingredients and are irritant-free.

Cradle cap shampoo is the first highly effective Over-The-Counter treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. We are not talking about just dandruff or cradle cap. We are talking about seborrheic dermatitis in any age group. 

An over-the-counter product indicates that the treatment is suitable for both adults and children. Although the look of this shampoo makes you feel that this is for babies, adults can also use it.

How to use it?

It is similar to the use in children. Apply a small amount of medicated shampoo on the scalp when bathing. Rub the area gently for a while and wash your scalp. Pat dry your hair and use a soft brush to comb out loose flakes.

Other ways to treat it

The treatment is not just limited to a medicated shampoo. There is no doubt that the shampoo is one of the best and safest treatments for seborrheic dermatitis but there are some other ways you can treat it. 

  • Regular bath and cleaning: You might take this method lightly but it can benefit you a lot. First of all, regular bathing keeps your scalp and body clean. Sometimes bacteria stick on the oily scalp and regular bathing requires cleaning it. Bacteria can cause infection so regular bathing not only loosens flakes but also avoids infection.
  • Use a brush: In case of dandruff, use a gentle brush to avoid hair loss. Comb the hairs slightly to remove flakes, not hairs. After getting regular baths, the brush will do the rest of the work.

Some things to consider

Most of the time, it doesn’t need any treatment. All you have to do is to avoid its triggers and flare-ups. Here we have listed some preventive measures to reduce, avoid, and tackle seborrheic dermatitis in adults:

  • Avoid scratching, it doesn’t trigger dandruff but it can cause hair loss. 
  • Don’t pick or manually remove flakes with your fingers. It may also remove or weaken hairs.
  • Use a brush instead of scratching vigorously. You can use a brush gently on scalp to remove flakes.
  • Avoid chemicals and harsh products on scalp. They can worsen the condition. 
  • Avoid high temperatures. The sweating caused by heat can trap bacteria, worsening the condition.


Adults get cradle cap too and we call it dandruff. The symptoms are the same but dandruff only spreads on the face and scalp. It is a mild condition of seborrheic dermatitis. 

Adults cannot use most of the medicated shampoos to treat dandruff but Happy Cappy’s over-the-counter shampoo can be used to do so

The shampoo is safe to use and very effective. Besides treatment, following preventive measures is important too which we have described. Hope this guide helped you a lot.


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