Can Boxing Help You Lose Weight?


Weight loss, perhaps the most searched term on “Google”, is no unknown thing to you and me! Humans have been obsessing with losing weight to look muscular and lean since centuries! Over the years, man has developed various techniques and diets to promote fitness and reduce obesity! From running in parks alongside breakthrough treadmills, to various diet plans and the popular gyms, there are many other options available to choose from. Boxing helps you to become medically fit.


Recently, there has been a huge spike in the popularity of gyms due to people being highly concerned about personal fitness and health. But no one wants to run on a treadmill for hours, which gets boring and makes you feel demotivated and dull! 

You must have seen the person in your gym that mercilessly lands hits on punching bags or a mitt each day, usually wearing boxing gloves. You will need a pair of one of the best boxing gloves available out there in the market as safety should be your foremost priority when boxing. I will list down a few advantages of it so you too can lose weight in a way which is fun and adrenaline boosting in comparison with other methods of losing weight.

An Intense Cardio Workout!

  • Boxing is way better than the dull and dry treadmill routine, which makes you feel demotivated due to doing the same thing every day.
  • Unlike running, boxing engages your upper and lower body in a more aggressive manner, which makes your muscles grow too alongside losing weight and fat.
  • Unlike many other forms of exercises existing today, boxing can give your body the lean and muscular look you see on television which no weight lifting or treadmill can ever can give.
  • The intense punching and pad workout exercise will be very helpful in improving aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

Boxing Utilizes The Whole Body!

  • Boxing isn’t as simple as it looks like, it does not just use the arms and hands, it works the entire body, including your head, wrists, shoulders, legs and your backbone.
  • You can improve your defensive skills with boxing, such as dodging punches, moving and attacking while wearing a pair of the best boxing gloves with a pace your opponent cannot even think of matching.
  • It stimulates and awakens your muscle fibers which often get neglected during other types of workouts, giving you a big advantage over body builders and strength trainers.
  • Boxing helps your body pump blood around much more efficiently, it also increases the capacity of our lungs and helps in regulating oxygen, which results in better lung and heart health.

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Boxing results in Fat Burner and Muscle Builder!

  • A one hour boxing session can burn up to 800-1000 calories, try this with a diet plan and you will see visible results in your body and overall health.
  • Not only will you reduce fat, you will start noticing a well-defined look in your muscle, giving you that ripped and athletic image you only get to see on television.
  • Another huge advantage you’ll get from boxing is that you would not have to work your legs separately like people usually have to do while in the gym, your legs will themselves grow sturdier and muscular due to the frequent and quick movements while punching and swerving.


There is no doubt boxing is an interesting and useful sport if taken seriously. Not only you can learn self-defense and attacking skills which can come useful in many day to day situations, it also engages your mind, trains your reflexes, and plays a huge role in improving your lung efficiency plus the heart. If you have just started boxing and are in search for tested and reviewed boxing gloves then do not forgot to give a visit to  Best Boxing Gloves  , where you can gloves according to your taste, style and preferences!

You cannot get such a variety of advantages with other exercises, be it be hitting the dumbbells or eating a certain diet. Once you include a good diet plan with your boxing routine, not forgetting getting a pair of one of the best boxing gloves to reduce the chances of injury, you will start seeing results in a few weeks!