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Brands looking to deliver legitimate content and successful CBD advertising should consider investing in a professional cannabis content writer. Brands can even use someone from their in-house team to do so if they are confident in their abilities. Creating a position for someone who will focus exclusively on CBD content marketing reduces pressure on other team members and often leads to better execution.

The benefits of CBD content marketing.

It goes without saying that using any form or combination of content marketing and CBD advertising is better than none. When the benefits become more apparent, the difference is staggering: everything to gain and nothing to lose in the CBD industry.

Benefits include:

Narrowing the audience.

Consistent content can create a loyal audience. A better understanding of your audience only leads to a more accurate target audience.

Improved search result rankings.

Content that contains keywords that have been researched to rank better will inevitably rank better. If you know what the audience wants/wants/wants to find, the brand can provide it.

Increase website traffic.

Consistent content, as well as content that attracts attention online, can help increase website traffic. In addition, if consumers can establish a true connection with the brand, they will return for information even without searching for it.

Independent brand control

Creating your own CBD content marketing allows you to rely less on online ads placed on third-party websites. CBD marketing restrictions on sites like Facebook and Google can be avoided altogether.

Know your competitors

By knowing and delivering the content consumers are looking for, brands can better understand their competitors. This type of knowledge is increasingly useful when you can see what is being done right and wrong from an outside perspective in the same industry. 

The case for CBD content marketing

Do thorough keyword research on search queries.

Create original written/created content

Invest in a professional CBD content producer/writer.

Use a combination of SEO and keywords

Create a blog on the website as a content base.

Arguments against CBD content marketing.

Don’t write about topics that no one is searching for

Don’t copy content from other websites or brands

Do not plagiarize

Don’t write content that is not of high quality

Don’t make health or medical claims about CBD or its products

Don’t publish poorly formatted and organized content.

Pros and cons of content marketing for CBD businesses.


Improves audience understanding and, therefore, retention

Improves CBD SEO keyword usage

Helps improve content rankings in search engines

Establishes brand authority and credibility

Creates potential leads/consumer contacts across platforms


Writing content can be time-consuming

Content ideas can be time-consuming.

SEO can take some time (often 3 to 6 months before showing up in search engines)

Not all content ranks well in search engines.

Professionally written content can be expensive.

Bottom line:

As the CBD industry continues to grow into its own revenue stream, brands must keep up with what consumers want. Staying ahead of trends is only part of the battle while making real connections with the public is the real long-term game. However, brands are lucky: they have all the resources and tools to create a successful CBD content marketing team.

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