How to Come Up with a Catchy Podcast Intro Script?

Catchy Podcast Intro Script
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Your podcast introduction script is the main thing new audience members hear from you, so hit on every one of the critical components. 

Similarly significant is your digital broadcast outro or the short fragment you play toward the finish to wrap up your scene. 

So how would you make the proper introduction and outro for your podcast? How about we investigate each part to clarify what you ought to incorporate and what you should forget about in creating podcast sounds.

The components of an extraordinary podcast introduction 

When new audience members find your podcast, they’re genuinely pondering, “Is this for me?” 

So the objective of your podcast introduction is to respond to that question and get them eager to continue to tune in. That implies furnishing them with the data they need to comprehend what they’re paying attention to – the name of the show, visitors, and so forth. It additionally implies making the right “vibe.” The introduction for a satire podcast will probably be very different from a podcast zeroed in on governmental issues or recent developments. 

The main thing you’ll need to consider is length. You need to get the audience into the substance segment of your podcast as fast as could be expected. That implies your introduction should run around 10-15 seconds, tops. Anything longer could have your audience going after the skirt ahead button or much more dreadful, picking another podcast inside and out. 

The particular components of your podcast introduction will change contingent upon your substance and style. The following is a rundown of features you should incorporate and a couple of discretionary ones — just as what to forget about.

Your name and podcast title 

The main component to remember for your podcast introduction is the title of your podcast alongside the name of the host. According to a marking viewpoint, this gives the audience the gauge data they’ll have to comprehend your program. 

Signature music 

Most podcasts decide to incorporate signature music or a podcast jingle in their podcast introduction, and the right music can truly establish the vibe for the remainder of your podcast. You can either utilize a unique topic or download eminence-free music, as it were. 

A couple of my number one spots to discover digital recording agreeable music: 

  • PremiumBeat 
  • AudioJungle 

PS: Make sure you don’t utilize protected music in your podcast. (Except if you need to get sued by Lizzo, lamentably, you can’t use “Great As Hell” as your topic track.) Stick with an eminence-free track that doesn’t expect you to pay the tune proprietor.

The name of your scene visitor/subject 

To give your client a touch of setting, you may need to likewise have a piece of the introduction committed to that particular scene’s substance. On the off possibility that you do this, you’d need to record another introduction each time you record a webcast scene. 

All things being equal, what numerous podcasters do is keep a similar introduction, however, then quickly present the scene just after their introduction plays. 

Your podcast slogan 

In the event that your podcast has a slogan, it would bode well to remember it for your introduction. It will assist with advising audience members about your podcast and who you’re for. Additionally, it’s snappy. When you’re creating a jingle, you may incorporate your podcast slogan into it.

A forthcoming statement from your scene (professional move) 

Before your signature music plays, consider adding a snare to the start of your location. A mainstream methodology is to play a visitor quote from later in the background to give individuals a feeling of what’s to come.

What to forget about 

Numerous clasps of your podcast 

As indicated above, having a quick clasp or two can make a feeling of the environment around your show. It’s not difficult to get carried away here, in any case, and it very well might be challenging to press in with limited time in your introduction. It’s ideal to leave out more than a couple of short clasps. (It’s anything but worth the exertion.) 

A long or excessively convoluted signature melody 

It’s an excellent thought to incorporate signature music. It’s anything but an outstanding idea to incorporate any tune longer than 15-20 seconds. You may want to commission a cunning or amusing melody about your podcast and its subject, yet this can confuse your introduction and make it excessively long. A superior thought is to simply embrace a basic signature melody that can play over your fundamental introduction. 

Would it be advisable for me to hire a voiceover ability to peruse the introduction? 

This is a questionable point in the podcast world and one I’m actually wavering on. 

One of my podcasts has a voiceover craftsman perused the introduction. Also, since that podcast addresses a brand (Everything is Teachable), the technique seemed well and good. 

However, I accept that for most have; it’s in reality best for you to peruse the introduction. Individuals are checking out become acquainted with YOU, so I think it’s a good idea to say hello and present yourself in the voiceover. 

All things considered, I realize individuals may, in any case, be keen on recruiting voiceover ability for a more “proficient” feel. You can discover moderately cheap alternatives for voiceover ability on sites like Fiverr, or you can simply ask a companion or an individual podcast have.


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