Cats for sale are making inroads in Indian homes?

cats for sale

Summary: No domesticated animal has been debated as much as cats. People have many questions about behaviour and habits of cats. And there are many myths surrounding this feline animal. here we discuss about cats for sale.

I remember the first time I found Persian cats near me; I was little moved with their presence. For me, pet means dogs. I was taught that dogs were faithful, loyal and friendly. But I don’t remember that anyone taught me that cats are disloyal or unfriendly.

Characterized by a flowing coat, sweet face and calm personality, a Persian feline is the real glamour cat of the pet world. This sweet face feline is the most popular pedigreed breed in the world and now it has come to India to adore Indian homes. 

First, I thought that people would be little interested in looking for Persian cats for sale but I was surprised to know that many of my friends were interested in keeping cats as pets. But it was a news report that completely changed my perception about cats. 

Some folks in Thane have turned a dump yard into a safe heaven for street cats. And what started as a movement to save kittens have turned into an adoption drive with people living in nearby areas adopting kitten from that dump yard. That piece of news broke the biggest myth about felines that cats are unfriendly.

Today, I own a cute cat that I bought from cats for sale and have become a big advocate for these feline animals. While I don’t own a Persian breed as it expensive and requires due care, but I want to own in future. But I have helped many of my friends in buying kittens and they all love their cats. 

I feel that people want to pet cats but there are certain myths that need to be debunked and I have been doing this job from the day I bought home a kitten. I have been asked many times whether it has been lucky for me or whether it is friendly and whether can be trained. 

From the day, I found Persian cats near me to writing this piece of article, I am myself finding answers to all the myths surrounding cats. For example, many people are of the view that black cats are unlucky or ominous but it is totally wrong. On the contrary, black felines look more beautiful than others.

Here’re some common myths about cats

Cats aren’t cuddly animals….

While it could be true about certain breeds but this myth has its roots in the wrong perception of feline. If you expect cats to behave like dogs then you will be disappointed. Both are different animals and they have their likes and dislikes. What I learnt from my cat is that these animals also look for love by in a different way. They don’t beg for attention as dogs do. 

Cats can’t be trained like dogs….

My answer to all those who say that cats can’t be trained is that they don’t know how to train a feline. It could be a little difficult in comparison to training a dog but yes, a cat can be trained but not like a dog. The discipline and punishment method won’t work with cats. I suggest clicker and rewarding for small lessons. Later, the clicker can be replaced with the sound “good”. Follow kittens for sale to get more information.

Clawed furniture and sofas….

Cats have sharp claws that can scratch even a hard surface but only they want. I know that pedigreed cats won’t as they keep grooming themselves so that they don’t harm their masters. Or you can trim their claws. But I won’t recommend declawing a cat as it could really harm the animal.

Cats are outdoor animals….

I say that no animal can live indoors but pets can. You can pet a cat and keep it indoor or you can allow it to move out within the confines of your home. But I suggest you keep your pet in the safe environment of your home and play with it whenever you are alone or free. Look for kittens for sale with the objective of getting a playful buddy and not a wild animal.

Cats are solitary animals….

That’s true. Cats, by nature, live solitary and dogs live in groups. But domesticated cats are different from their wild brothers. They learn to make a close bond with human and live family members.


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