Here are some of the causes why learning English through native-speaker spelling tests is more proficient


If you want to become confident in English, which of the following learning actions should give more importance? Is it more necessary to have good grammar, good speaking ability, or good listening ability? A first 50 sight words test could be one of the best ways to learn English. In addition, you can memorise the words from the second grade vocabulary words.

What’s Wrong with Current Approaches?

The typical method of learning English is to take grammar classes. What happened? This tense is practised before the learner has the vocabulary to use it. You should, however, not prioritise it.

The structure of a language is determined by its vocabulary, not by its grammar. To begin, you must master the art of verbal communication. Next, pay attention to how your thoughts are structured. 

Even a single idea isn’t enough!

With regards to the art of speaking and listening, the person was an absolute pro. Having a vast vocabulary and fluency is a powerful asset. It’s easier to converse in a foreign language if you’ve mastered the grammar. If you want to communicate effectively in that language, you’ll need to have a solid foundation in grammar. The ability to speak a language well comes from knowing its vocabulary. Always keep this in mind: The primary function of language is to convey and express one’s thoughts and feelings. When learning a new language, would you mind focusing on words and vocabulary?

Trying to learn English by studying other languages is the second-worst mistake.

English should be studied in the original language! For non-native English speakers, absorption is the most prevalent approach to acquiring the language. Due to our need to learn something new by using familiar tools, this occurs. A significant disadvantage of this strategy is that it does not become proficient in the language as a native speaker.

During this method, you’re relying far too heavily on a translation. Take into account the situation where one’s primary language is Korean. After first imagining the thought in Korean, you next mentally translate it into English and utter it. When communicating in a different language, it’s nearly impossible to explain an idea in its entirety. Because every language has its unique set of words for conveying thoughts, it’s impossible to translate true passion and intensity. No, I don’t want to sound like a foreigner when I’m speaking English.

Using a variety of spelling tips and strategies can make learning to spell more pleasant. Only by immersing yourself in the English language can you become fluent in the language. On the other hand, you will have a solid foundation of acquaintance.

Trying to Find an Answer

Because of this, we have two significant findings to our credit at the moment:

  • If we want to learn English fluently, we should focus on vocabulary instead of grammar. 
  • How can we apply these tactics to improve our fluency and sound like native speakers?
  • This can be remedied by taking spelling tests or dictating sentences in English.

Spelling examinations and exercises have a significant impact on vocabulary acquisition. It’s crucial to learn the meaning of words, as well, because it’s just as important as learning how to spell. Because we ignore the meaning of a word when we hear it, we memorise it and go on. Before attending this meeting, it’s a good idea to brush up on your English vocabulary. It’s impossible to get the same outcomes if you learn the definitions of terms in a foreign language.

  • As a result, spelling tests might serve two purposes.
  • Assembling a better vocabulary
  • Developing a working vocabulary in English
  • None of the other options will produce the same results.

You’ll come across homonyms if you’re working on your vocabulary via listening. Homophones are words that have the exact spelling but different pronunciations. With no context, it’s hard to know if someone is saying bye instead of bye.Conclusion: Practising your spelling lesson and passing tests is essential if you want to get better at the language skills required for the written word. As a result, correct spelling is an essential part of writing well.

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