How to Change Your Steam Username and Passwords Without Having To Copy Or Find A Recopy


Are you having trouble getting into the games you like? Do you get tired of being unable to log in to Steam? These days, you have a variety of options if you need to change your Steam username. In fact, if you need to change your username at all, it is highly recommended that you change it at least once every month. Here is what you should do.

Steam client installed:

First, log into Steam. To do this, you can do so either through your web browser or from the Steam client installed to your computer. Navigate to your Steam account’s main page. At the top, click on the link titled Save user settings to clear previous user information. This will prevent any changes to your Steam environment being saved as your personal settings if you had erased them.

Next, click the Edit profile button. You will see a drop down menu with a top right corner containing the word Reset. Click on this option to permanently change your Steam username. To change your Steam username, click on the Restore button located at the very bottom of the screen. This will permanently reset your Steam environment, replacing your current user name with your new one. If you need to select a different user name, you can click Browse and then browse to your user name, or you can copy and paste your user name.

finished changing your Steam profile name:

When you have finished changing your Steam profile name, you will then need to get your Steam friends list. To do this, go to Steam > Account tab > Add Steam Friends. On the Add Friends form, click the + sign icon to add a new user. Type your new user name in the text box and wait for your friends list to load up.

Now that you have your friends, you can change your Steam username by clicking on the edit profile button located at the bottom right corner of the steam profile page. The edit profile button will become active when you reach the bottom of the page. Select the Change Steam Username option from the drop down menu. The new option will appear and you will have two choices; a Western version of your username, or a Chinese version. You will also see a Submit button. You will now be able to enter a new user name and change your Steam password.

Steam username and you have entered a new:

After you have made the change to your Steam username and you have entered a new one, you will be asked to confirm the change. Click on the Change username and change your password option to confirm the change. When you are done, click the Save tab to save your change. You will then see a Success message confirming your account change. If everything was successful, your username and password should be changed.

If this step did not successfully change your Steam username and password, it may be due to a problem with the login you have chosen. The first thing you should do is try your other options. Go to the login area of Steam and select the Account tab. On the field that says “Change,” select the Change steam username and change your account name. You will be shown a list of possible usernames and you will need to choose the appropriate choice.


If none of the methods above worked, the reason may be that your Steam username publish the post and password are not correctly formatted. To fix this problem, go to the properties of your Steam overlay and find the overlay’s About Overlay tab. On the field that says “Rendered Name,” click Browse and change your steam profile name. After you have saved your changes, you can then change your Steam username and password. Changing your Steam username and password without a copy of your steam account is actually illegal under the Steam Terms of Service.

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