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The Class of a Ranger in D&D is the Cleric. While a Ranger is more of a front-line class, the Cleric 5e can also provide some much-needed back-up if needed. A Ranger is primarily a weapon-oriented class, using bows or guns (such as hunting rifles) to fight enemies and take them down. If a party already has a Ranger, it is often a good idea to include another Cleric as an option. The Cleric can cast both offensive and healing spells and is a great option for a front-line tank.

The Class of a Wizard is primarily a damage-dealer. They have a high defense but low attack speed, so they’ll never be a threat to a party’s health. In PVP, however, the Wizard can truly shine, due to their ability to summon dangerous creatures and characters from the Abyss, such as Fiend lords and Fiend weights.

The Class of a Ranger is more of a survivability buff. They have good armor and damage but are otherwise weak when compared to other melee classes. A Ranger can get some damage from their pets, but the amount isn’t very substantial. Rangers can also equip maces and swords, which can help their ability to deal damage and survive more than others.

The Class of a Wizard is more or less the same as the Ranger’s

They have good armor and damage but are otherwise quite weak when compared to other melee classes. The only class that can outlast them in combat is the Mage. Mages can summon powerful summoned creatures that are superior to anything a Ranger or a Cleric can bring with them. Mages can specialize in damage dealing, either through spell casting or weapon specialization.

The Class of a Paladin is similar to that of a Ranger or a Cleric. They have nice damage and armor but are otherwise weak when compared to other classes. Paladins can heal themselves quite nicely while they are in combat. They can equip mace, sword, shield, dagger, and polearm, which give them great versatility. Some Paladins may even go without a weapon, but most will use mace, sword, shield, or dagger. They can also specialize in pure defense, although this will greatly decrease their attack power.

The Class of a Thief is rather unique. Unlike other Cleric classes

A Thief is able to swap weapons freely, meaning that they do not have to take up both a weapon and a shield in order to be a thief. Instead, they gain expertise with specific weapon types, which allows them to deal more damage with each weapon type and with different enemies. A Thief is also rather weak in comparison to other Cleric classes, but some thieves can specialize in evading damage, which improves their overall ability to survive

The Tanking spec in Wow is the absolute strongest spec in the game

Tanks are the absolute key to surviving any fight, and tanking is the key to lasting damage throughout a fight. If you want to be a strong, durable character that can survive through anything in World of Warcraft, then you should definitely focus on tanking. There are many different ways to build up a tank, but the most effective way by far is to get an offensive weapon, such as a mace or sword, and a shield or plate for armor.

The DPS-orientated tanking spec is the pure damage dealer. This is the class you’ll find inside of the Adventure and Raid Finder areas. Druids and paladins lean heavily towards tanks, while rogues and Mages are slightly less dependent upon their tanks. These are the most effective Cleric classes for party play, where tanking is a priority over other things, such as healing.

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