Cobra Kai: The Difference Observed in Cobra Kai Season 2!


Josh Heald’s take on reviving The karate Kid legacy by releasing a series under the name of Cobra Kai is an admirable task. After the enormous gap of almost two decades, finally, everyone will be able to see the time-lapse of Karate Kid and how his story has evolved. As soon as the first season of this show hit the screens, Cobra Kai Jacket became the new sensation among The Karate kid fans. This series has tilted towards the comedy side with many twists and turns that will single-handedly keep you in front of your screen the whole series. 

Karate Kid was a little kid named Daniel LaRusso, who got bullied by Karate students of the Cobra Kai Dojo. Luckily, that kid finds a friend named Mr. Niyagi, who gave him training for martial arts and trained him against the brutal students of Cobra Kai. It was a pleasure to watch a kid fighting his bullies again, even defeating one of them at the All-Valley Karate Championship in 1984. That’s where the story of Cobra Kai took its origin, Johnny Lawrence; the man who was defeated in the 1984 championship, even after being in his mid-50’s can’t let go of his loss in the Karate championship and became the lifetime rival of Daniel LaRusso. 

Karate kid was never just a usual movie; it was quite a huge experience for all karate fans and experienced bullies. Now in Cobra Kai, these two rivals are again facing each other, and this time everything is much more intense than in the movie. As the fight is not just about the championship now, it has become much more than that. They struggle for their legacies, children, and livelihoods, which makes those fights of higher stakes.

After watching Cobra Kai season 1, the audience got so much fantasized by how the story proceeded and how excellently the creators had picked the story of Karate Kid after the huge time-lapse of 34 years. The winner of the championship, Daniel LaRusso, was acing in his personal, social, and professional life, while the loser, Johnny Lawrence has been failing in personal, professional and social life. The first season was a social parabola. However, season two was a little different than season one as it answered many questions which left unsettled during season one.


We all hate cliff-hangers, and season one ended on the biggest one. We all witnessed the return of John Kreese in season one’s last scene, and the question “why did he return?” was hangin’ in the balance until the release of season two. In the second season, it was revealed that he returned to alter his way of life and for a second chance of every bad deed. When season two ended, he had control of Cobra Kai.


Despite going with the ending taken straight from The Karate Kid, this series decided to overthrow expectations. Instead of making Robby the new champion of the All Valley tournament, they let Miguel Diaz take advantage of his injury and become the new champion. There was a hint of Miguel becoming a villain in season two, but thankfully season two went differently, and it portrayed Miguel recovering his qualities and showing mercy on Robby.


Sam was the daughter of All-Valley Champion of 84, Daniel LaRusso, so it was in her genes to play Karate or have some know-how about it. Her skills in Karate were proven by her defense against Kyler and friendly contention with Miguel. Though her taking part in the fight remained untackled during season one, however, she was seen learning some new techniques. In the later season, she proved to be a tough fighter, and during her training, everything for her was just a revision of what her father taught her. 


In The Karate Kid, we all got the idea that Daniel was a better fighter than Johnny as they both fight it out for the trophy, though, season one never showed that who was a better fighter. Miguel became the All-valley champion but with the cheating as he took great advantage of Robby’s injury, and it was quite unclear who was the better fighter among both of the young karate experts. Season two answered this question very clearly in a scene where they both duked it out again without any other exploitation. Miguel overcame Robby, proving that he is the better fighter than Robby.

Since both seasons were a little different from each other in many aspects, we don’t know what season three will bring on our screens. Despite the changes in seasons, Cobra Kai Leather Jackets stayed the same, so stock up on them. 

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