Collaborative Software and its Major Types


The history of high-tech collaborative software solutions extends back 30 years to the groupware of the 1980s. The early groupware was very helpful for the employees and management to work in tandem and with great efficiency. 

The dot com boom also introduced popular collaborative tools, and the service sector grew tremendously. The early 2000s saw new levels of social interactivity to collaboration and the arrival of giant tech corporations in the mainstream IT field. 

Nowadays, people use collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams Connect and other software solutions to connect and manage business activities.

Over the years, many types of collaborative software have emerged, and businesses have adopted these software solutions to make their management and employees work/perform better. Selecting the right tech tool for your company can be difficult. 

You need to understand their features and type to choose the right one. This article will help you understand the types and features/characteristics of great collaborative software.

Collaborative software can be categorized into three types.

The modern software solutions are the result of decades of evolution in the IT sector, and it has become an umbrella term for many kinds of software solutions. But, it can be divided or categorized into three categories.

  • Communication
  • Conferencing
  • Coordination

1. Communication

It ranges from simple chats to online calls between the employees. It can also regulate mails and group messages for the different sections/departments of the organization. You don’t need any mobile network connection to communicate work-related issues.

2. Conferencing

This tool enables real-time collaboration between team members and clients. One can opt for audio or video conferences using the same software. Everyone can start presenting their presentation or related papers with a shared screen. Virtual conferencing has reached a different level with new software technologies like Microsoft Teams Connect.

3. Coordination

Coordination is the last type of collaboration software to appear on the scene, but it is the type that is currently experiencing the most growth. Coordination software aids in the management of complex interdependent work toward a common goal.

Now, how does this affect the work environment, and how beneficial it is for the employees? When making investments, choosing great collaborative software can turn your business into more productive and successful.

The benefits of this software can be listed as below:


Teams that work in public using collaboration software spot errors or bottlenecks faster and can solve problems collaboratively rather than blaming each other. Giving employees access to things like calendars and internal reports allows them to understand the company better while also revealing how each individual fits into the big picture.

Positive Work Culture

The software’s transparency and clarity in the work environment will create no confusion or problems regarding the jobs/tasks assigned to each employee. The employees will be able to communicate effectively and understand their roles and challenges easily.

Consolidated Communication and Data

Switching back and forth between multiple business apps has become a common issue in today’s technological world. Two-thirds of workers say they waste 60 minutes per day switching between apps. 

Finding documents, selecting a communication channel, and completing tasks all take up space on laptop screens, but collaboration software reduces toggling time and frustration.

Other benefits of this software include:

  • Dynamic teamwork
  • Reduced turnover (HR)
  • Attract top talent

If you are searching for a collaborative software solution for your business, these are the features to look for, and always look for the software that provides the benefits mentioned above. Also, check for employee monitoring software in order to control and monitor overall performance and activities.

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