Common Courier Problems And How To Avoid Them


Running to the wrong courier will cause a lot of problems for your company. If a problem occurs, and your courier does nothing to resolve the situation, it can still harm your business. This blog has put together six of the most popular courier issues and offered advice about stopping them.

If you are searching for a reliable courier service in Pakistan, do not forget about these problems.

Late deliveries

Late distribution is a concern for both the receiver and the sender. The receiver doesn’t want to take longer than they need to deliver, and you don’t want your company to receive a bad name for not being able to deliver on time. Customers will make arrangements around the time your carrier has specified the delivery, so they will be disappointed and irritated if the date is met.

How to overcome it?

The way you can battle this is by doing a thorough analysis of the credibility of a courier. Have a glance at their testimonials and ratings, for example, before you make a decision. If a courier gets many five-star ratings for timely delivery, you will know that you can trust them to bring the items to their destination on time.

Goods delivered in an unacceptable condition

You want your goods to be sent back to the state that you first shipped them in. You don’t like the recipients to email you, to complain that the products are broken or inappropriate for use. If this happens, you’re going to have to give a new stock because it’s your company that’s going to miss out. Your carrier can ensure the safe distribution of your items to the best of their abilities.

How to overcome it?

In order to keep the items from arriving at their destination in an undesirable state, the safest thing you will do is to partner with a reliable courier who would be able to provide guidance on the secure packaging of your merchandise. Any package should be packaged carefully and tightly so that nothing is damaged or missed during shipping.

Competitive pricing

Nobody wants to go over the odds with a benefit they’re not getting. You ought to strike the right balance between cheap and costly. If you want a choice that’s too inexpensive, there’s a risk that you could get bad service.

How to overcome it?

As has been mentioned above, you ought to strike the right balance between the two extremes. One smart way to stop spending too much on a service that you would never need is to search for couriers with personalised solutions. This helps you to customise the service to your unique needs, so you do not waste your money. When talking to prospective couriers, try to obtain a competitive quotation from each of them.

Delayed customs clearance

Customs issues will also lead to delays. As it was mentioned earlier, late delivery leads to dissatisfied consumers. Your shipment would have to have all the paperwork required to get through customs without any complications. Late deliveries can be harmful to your credibility.

How to overcome it?

To get around this, we will suggest you pick a courier known for having strong customs expertise, and experience. This ensures that they are more likely to identify any possible complications resulting from the relevant records’ incomplete shipments.

In no possible scenario, you would want your customers to have a negative experience. Hence, it is important to take services from the best logistics companies in Pakistan.