Complete Guide to Download and Install Quickbooks Tool Hub

quickbooks tool hub

QuickBooks now is known by everyone as it makes accounting activities and handling all the financial data easy for the firms. However, there are times when you can encounter different issues while working on the application or even opening it on your system. These errors are sometimes critical and sometimes easier to resolve. To help users get rid of issues, Intuit has launched different tools. But, it becomes tedious when you have to download each tool separately to get rid of a certain type of code.

But, this type and effort can also be saved using the QuickBooks tool hub. This application offers all QuickBooks tools in a single place. No matter which issue you are facing, you are going to get a relevant tool in the tool hub. If you are now intrigued to know what QuickBooks tool hub is and how to use it, keep reading this article.

Introduction to QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks tool hub is useful when you have to get rid of issues and you do not wish to download different types of tools for each error code. For example, if you are facing any company file issue, you can repair it using the QuickBooks file doctor tool and fix 

QuickBooks installation errors, you will have to use the install diagnostic tool. But, now you do not have to download these tools Separately. You can download the QuickBooks tool hub and you will get both the tools in one tool.

The following tabs are provided in the QuickBooks tool hub:

  • Company file issues
  • Program problems
  • Password reset
  • Installation issues
  • Network issues
  • Support

What All You Need to Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

So, before using the tool on the system, you will have to fulfill certain system requirements. Here is a list.

  • To start with, you need a good and stable Internet connection because you will have to download the tool. The official website. Also, if you have installed any previous version of the tool, you need to update it.
  • Next, you need to download and install. Net framework on the system. In case it is installed any update is needed, download it.
  • Lastly, to run the tool smoothly on the system, you need Microsoft C++ visual redistributable package.

Download and Install Tool Hub

So, now that you have fulfilled all the system requirements, proceed with downloading and installing the tool hub on the system. Here are all the steps that you need to follow.

  • First, you will have to download the QuickBooks tool hub from the official website. Ensure to download a compatible version to your device.
  • You will then have to hover to the downloads page and then click on the downloaded file.
  • Now, the installation window will open on your system.
  • You will then have to click on the Yes option when the license prompt will appear on the screen.
  • When done, choose whether you wish to install the tool on the default location or change the location. To modify the location, tap on the change option.
  • When done, click on the option to install the product and then start the QuickBooks tool hub on the system.
  • In the end, click on the finish option and then close the tool window.

Different Tab in Quickbooks Tool Hub

As mentioned, you will be provided with different tabs in the QuickBooks tool hub so that you can choose the tool according to the issue that you are facing. Here is a list of all the tabs and tools available in the tool hub.

Company File Issues Tab

You no more need to perform QuickBooks file doctor download, hover to the company file issues tab in the QuickBooks tool hub, and use the tool from there. It can then be used to get rid of different company file issues.

Network Issues Tab

Under this tab, you will get to run the Quickbooks database server manager. The tool can be used to get rid of the network issues and also fix issues related to multi-user mode in the Quickbooks application.

Program Problems

Encountering program issues while using QuickBooks is very common. You will face different runtime errors and other errors. In this tab, you will get three tools. One of the Quick fixes is my program to help you get rid of the program installation and technical issues. Another is the QuickBooks program diagnostic tool to get rid of the program glitches and the last is a pdf print and repair tool to help you fix all the printing-related issues.

Installation Issues

This tab is used to fix issues related to QuickBooks installation issues. These issues can occur when you have not installed the application completely or the installation is corrupted. For this, you can use the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. Also, you can use the clean install tool to clean install QuickBooks on the system.

Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password and you wish to retrieve it, you can do that under this tab.

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QuickBooks tool hub can help you resolve any issue that you are facing while working on the Quickbooks application. In this guide, we have attempted to explain to you all in detail about the application. Hopefully, it has helped you.


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