Congo Tetra: A Short Overview


The Congo Tetra is a wonderful freshwater fish that is simple to deal with. It doesn’t make any difference in case you’re a fledgling or a specialist searching for something low-support, this species is an extraordinary decision. 

Be that as it may, despite the fact that keeping these fish isn’t troublesome, comprehend their prerequisites. An excessive number of aquarists think little of the “simple” fish and wind up asking why things turned out badly. 

Also, that is the reason we’ve assembled this aide. It will show you all you require to think about Congo Tetra care! 

species outline 

Worshipped for its lively tones and alluring shine, the Congo tetra (Phenakogrammus interruptus) has become a broadly mainstream freshwater fish species in the aquarium local area. They were first found in 1949. Be that as it may, because of reproducing troubles, this fish didn’t turn into a staple in tanks all throughout the planet until the 1970s. 

As their name recommends, these fish are endemic to the Congo River bowl. They as a rule call home the little streams, lakes, and bogs nearby. 

They are tutoring fish and as a rule, stick to enormous gatherings in nature. In imprisonment, this tutoring nature makes astonishing areas of shading that will be the focal point of consideration in your tank. 

Life expectancy 

The normal Congo tetra life expectancy is just somewhere in the range of 3 and 5 years while in bondage. Some fishing lovers have seen that their fish live somewhat more than this, however, this is uncommon. 

As usual, the most ideal approach to help these fish live to the extent that this would be possible is to furnish them with a glad and solid climate. Congo Tetras are inclined to pressure, so keeping steady over their eating routine and water conditions is fundamental. 


It’s easy to perceive any reason why there is such an interest in these fish. They have an extraordinary appearance which assists them with hanging out in any climate. 

Their body is moderately long and level. The waist of the fish is very long, which gives them a fairly packed appearance. For the most part, guys are marginally bigger than females. Be that as it may, females are ample, particularly when they are prepared to raise. 

The body is supplemented by long, hazy plumes. Male examples are very astounding. They have longer dorsal blades than their female partners. All in all, all blades of a male fish have a wispy appearance that streams flawlessly in the water.  

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The blades of the male fish have a purple color. The purple tone is all around complemented by the white edge. 

While their balances are a pleasure to look like your fish swim by, it is their shading that truly sticks out. Congo tetras have huge wingspans for their size. Not just that, they take on a rainbow glint! 

This luminous completion gives a particularly brilliant look. Contingent upon how the light is reflected off their bodies, you can see shades of blue, gold, purple, and turquoise. Regularly, Congo tetras have a perceptible stripe that runs from head to tail. It is situated on the focal piece of the fish and is encircled by shading evolving radiance. 

Congo Tetra Size 

The normal size of the Congo Tetra in bondage is 3 to 3.5 inches long. Congo tetras are somewhat little, however, they are marginally bigger than most kinds of tetras. 

In the wild, the Congo Tetra grows somewhat tall. They can generally be discovered arriving at a length of 4 साढ़े inches. In the same way as other hostage fish, they will be on the little side when brought up in tanks. 


Congo tetra care is somewhat simple as it doesn’t require some investment to keep these fish glad. Notwithstanding, you actually should be educated and furnish them with the right environment and water conditions. 

Interestingly, this species is genuinely strong, which implies you have some adaptability with regard to water norms. In any case, don’t allow that stunt to make you figure they should be possible with shoddy consideration. 

Their tanks should be appropriately kept up with to keep them healthy. Not exclusively will the appropriate conditions assist with staying away from stress, yet they’ll likewise keep that splendid composition looking incredible!

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