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This tutorial will show you how to transform a Photoshop PSD file to a PDF document using psd to pdf converter. Adobe Photoshop and a pdf printer driver, such as novaPDF, are required for the conversion to take place.

In this article you will learn about these things:

  • In Adobe Photoshop, how do you convert PSD PDF?
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT PSD to PDF Conversion
  • In Gimp, how do you convert a PSD file to a PDF file?

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor that was one of the first on the market. Photoshop stores graphic files in PSD format. This format supports many layers and has a width/height limit of 30000 pixels. The format is also supported by the majority of its competitors’ software products, with or without the need for importing filters.

So, if you don’t want to share a vector-based PSD file with your clients or colleagues for cooperation, convert it to PDF using PSD to pdf converter because it’s “friendlier” for sharing. This is where a format recognized for its mobility and preservation qualities, like PDF, might come in helpful. With its unique conversion characteristics, photoshop to pdf converter can significantly improve the converted documents. It has the ability to add watermarks, bookmarks, overlays, encryption, merge multiple PDFs, and many more complex features.

In Adobe Photoshop, how do you convert a PSD file to a PDF file?

To complete the PDF conversion, use the PSD to pdf converter including the Photoshop application on your computer and then follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose File->
  2. To open the file on your computer, open it or hit Ctrl+O.
  3. To open the Print window, go to File->Print or press Ctrl+P.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the page layout and then click Print, then Print Again after selecting novaPDF as the printer.
  5. Choose following saving actions in the Save PDF File As dialogue and click OK to convert the file

Corel PHOTO-PAINT PSD to PDF Conversion

To convert the PSD from Corel PHOTO-PAINT to PDF on your PC, use the PSD to pdf converter or do the following:

  1. Select File->Open to launch the programme.
  2. Navigate to the file you wish to convert and click Open.
  3. Click File again, then Print, and then pick novaPDF from the Printer list in the Print box.
  4. To begin the file conversion, click OK twice in the Save PDF File As box (you can click on Print Preview to see how the resulting file will look like).

In Gimp, how do you convert a PSD file to a PDF file?

Gimp is the only open source tool that can open the PSD file format same as psd to pdf converter.

Follow these procedures to convert a PSD to a PDF using Gimp:

  1. Open Gimp and navigate to File > Open to find the file you wish to convert.
  2. To open the Printing window, click Ctrl+P or select File then Print after loading the file.
  3. Select novaPDF from the Select Printer list in the Print windows. You may adjust more picture printing parameters by going to the Image Settings tab, and then clicking Print then OK after you’re through. The PDF will be generated later.
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