Cost of IVF: Things I Learned While Battling Infertility

Cost of IVF

Infertility has been on rise for as more and more people worldwide have problems conceiving a child. There are many reasons for infertility, including genetic, environmental and lifestyle choices. Couples who have been actively trying and failing to get pregnant become dejected and many suffer depression. However, with modern medicine, infertility is not much of dead-end now. In Vitro Fertilization has proved to be the most effective assisted reproductive technique for infertile couples. IVF can be combined with other techniques to battle the underlying cause of infertility and help conceive successfully. The procedure involves putting the eggs from a woman together with the sperm from a male partner in the culture dish, and allowing the fertilization to take place. The Cost of IVF is different at different IVF centers.

IVF not only help men and women who have fertility problems that also people who have genetic disorders that can be transmitted from parent to offspring. 

Many IVF patients share that their journey of battling the infertility and managing the emotional as well as financial aspect of it all. Here are a few things that people who wish get pregnant through IVF should know about the cost:

Be prepared to manage the finances

IVF can be an expensive and money-draining process, especially with multiple cycles. It is good to read up and familiarize yourself with the entire IVF process, but checking all the options for treatment is also important. Go online, read about the cost and other details on various websites and clinics. Form a tentative budget plan and plan how you and your partner will manage the financial aspect of the treatment. 

The average cost for one cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle may not look much in the beginning. But when the cost of medications and cycles add up, it can be significantly big number. A study conducted a survey of couples at a fertility clinic to learn about their out-of-pocket expenses over a process of treatment. 

But before you start to panic; remember that there are many clinics and the cost will not be same in all of those. Many fertility clinics offer cost-effective packages, especially for international patients with discounts and other facilities. IVF in India is a highly preferred option by foreign patients, as they can expect all the facilities and quality medical care, at lesser price than that in their home country. 

Cost comparison is an important part of choosing a fertility clinic, but it should be done while considering their success rates. Do not get seduced by low prices, and choose an IVF clinic only for its low prices. Check their success rates because it may lead to the need for multiple cycles, which will eventually increase the cost.

Talk to your insurance company. Though not all insurances always cover IVF, your insurance may cover some part of the expenses, such as if you need some surgery or other procedure to increase the chances of pregnancy. 

The factors that can influence the overall IVF cost 

The cost of IVF will not be the same at every clinic. There are many factors that can affect the overall IVF cost and therefore, should be considered before making a decision. 

Some of these factors are:

  • Choice of hospital: The location of the hospital or clinic can influence the cost. The clinics in major cities have more facilities and provide a wide range of services, and so cost more than the clinics in small cities. However, these clinics also have a higher success rates and a highly trained medical team to deliver the best results. 
  • Accreditation of hospitals: This is the mark of quality of patient care services and clinical excellence of the hospital or clinic. An internationally accredited hospital has more guarantee of safe and comfortable treatment procedure, than otherwise.
  • Experience of the specialists: The doctors who have extensive experience in their field of specialization and has performed numerous IVF procedures, have a better understanding and record of successful treatment. This influences the price, as more experienced doctors have higher fee. 
  • Additional medical procedures required: This will add up to the overall cost of treatment. 
  • For international patients, the choice of hotel or accommodation facility, is an influential factor for the cost. 

There are many payment options available

Many fertility clinics offer easy payment methods or instalment program to reduce the financial burden. It might make IVF treatment more affordable for some people, who would otherwise be unable to consider it.

Some clinics also offer refund programs, where patients only pay a set fee initially (vary depending on the hospital). Then the clinic refunds a part the money if the couple fail to get pregnant after three or four IVF cycles. However, not all hospitals offer this and not every couple is eligible for this program. Check the terms for the clinic you choose.

Additional Costs for IVF Options

While the basic IVF costs is affordable for most couples, the expenses for additional assisted reproductive technologies, if needed, make increase the cost. This may include ICSI treatment, Genetic testing of embryos, or PGT, Embryo freezing, and other. 

If an egg donor is needed, the overall cost will be higher, but a sperm donor is less expensive.

Surrogacy will again increase the cost significantly.