Why Taking the CPR AED Certification Online Can Help You Keep Your Employees Safe


As an employer, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard of CPR AED Certification and training due to the fact that it remains an effective life-saving technique in emergency situations. CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and involves chest compressions in conjunction with artificial ventilation in order to preserve brain function.

Many employers require employees or upper management to know such lifesaving techniques while some might simply suggest it as an added precaution. See more the CPR AED certification together is both convenient and will help you keep your employees and establishment safe.

CPR and AED Certification from the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you’ve heard of CPR, it might be a little less likely that you’ve heard of AED. AED is a common element involved in the application of lifesaving techniques. AED stands for “Automated external defibrillator” training. Defibrillation is categorized as a treatment for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias. A defibrillator is a specific device that delivers a dose of electric current to the heart in order to restore normal heartbeat via electric pulse (otherwise referred to as a “shock to the heart”).

CPR and AED certifications are available for employees and even interested parties who want to learn such techniques outside of their employment. CPR AED certification online is an easy way to get both done conveniently, effectively, and safely.

More on CPR and AED

During CPR training you’ll learn how to give targeted breaths that will promote ventilation as well as learn the exact pressure necessary in order to perform proper chest compressions. These techniques may serve you well at your vocation or even in an emergency situation that can occur at a restaurant, at an office, at a sporting event, or even on the streets.

Although formal training is not required when it comes to the use of an AED, it’s a good idea to complete your AED and CPR certifications together, which will help increase your comfort and confidence in emergency situations. The better prepared you are, the more qualified you will be to help.

Benefits of Taking CPR AED Certification Online

When it comes to taking CPR and AED certifications online, you will have many options and there are many benefits to getting these certifications done remotely online. Below, we go over a few benefits that online certification recipients can take advantage of. 

Keep Your Employees Safe

When you follow through with your goal of getting your CPR AED certification online, you’ll be given instruction in advanced situational awareness and learn all the techniques you need to know in order to help save a person’s life until first responders get to the site of an emergency.

For those who are wondering about the physical part of the training — compressions and ventilation –, there are hybrid style classes available where the lion’s share of the information will come for the online portion, which generally represents about 80% of the course, while 20% is dedicated to hands-on in-person training, where you can learn how to apply barriers in order to perform rescue breathing techniques, the rescue breathing techniques themselves, as well as how to perform compressions.

As stated previously, AED devices are designed to be used by random civilians — they are generally that easy. But, learning how to properly use one via online or in-person instruction will give you more insights into the device, not to mention increase your own efficacy and confidence in an emergency situation. 

Take Online CPR AED Certification on Your Own Time

Since most of the course takes place online, you will be able to get your CPR AED certification online on your own time. You won’t have to adhere to some rigid schedule or worry about having to take the day off of work just to go fulfill an obligation for work. You can complete your online portion of the certification in the evenings, the afternoons, or even the mornings — whatever works best for your busy schedule. 

Interactive Online Modules

Getting your CPR AED certification online includes innovative online modules that add some variety and imagination to your training as opposed to having to listen to a stuffy lecture with outdated VHS tapes. 

Online CPR AED certification represents the cutting edge when it comes to life-saving technique training. Employers and employees stand to improve safety conditions in the workplace and anywhere else they go simply by completing the training.

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