Create Your Own Matcha Whipped Cream At Home With These Steps!

Create Your Own Matcha Whipped Cream At Home With These Steps!

Matcha is a type of powder created from green tea leaves. It is often mixed with warm water and is popularly served in Japanese restaurants. With modern food discoveries and techniques, matcha started to become a flavor present in most desserts. Instead of only using it to make a warm cup of tea, it is also served cold. Some even mix it with coffee, milk, and even as the main flavor in cakes. 

Whipped cream became a fine addition that balances the slightly bitter flavor of the matcha. But others even made a whipped cream version of it to serve as a mild flavoring. Those who just can’t get enough of this green tea flavor can add matcha whipped cream to their matcha cakes and pastries. Some may even eat it straight from the whipped cream charger if they want to have more matcha goodness!

This time, you will also learn how to make matcha cream. You will be surprised because the steps needed to be taken to make matcha whipped cream are extremely easy. The ingredients are also easy to obtain. After all, whipped cream recipes only require very few ingredients, and there is mostly one addition needed to add the matcha flavor (and its color). If you already know how to make your own whipped cream, for sure you will find this very simple to make at home.

Matcha Green Tea Ingredients:

Here are the ingredients you need to have to make this oddly satisfying treat:

  • 4 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup confectioners’ sugar or powdered sugar (might need to add depending on the amount of strawberry added)
  • 1/4 cup matcha powder (be careful when adding matcha powder to avoid making your whipped cream taste bitter)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

As mentioned on the list of ingredients, matcha powder should be measured carefully before adding it to the whipped cream. We don’t want to have too much matcha powder on your mixture, as it will taste too bitter. As much as possible, we just want to have a dash of matcha flavor on the whipped cream, while making sure it remains sweet. But if you are the type of person who loves the concentrated green tea flavor, then it’s up to you whether you want to add more matcha powder.

The utensils that you need to prepare first is the measuring cup, due to the reasons explained above. You will also need a large bowl to mix all of the ingredients. You need to use a mixer to whisk the cream mixture together until you turn it into your long-awaited matcha whipped cream. anyone can still use a whisk if you don’t have a mixer at home, as it still works fine in reaching the foamy consistency of the cream.

Preparing the Matcha Whipped Cream

The matcha whipped cream is not that complicated to do. It’s just that the flavor might get ruined if you apply too much matcha. Now that I elaborated that enough matcha powder must be applied to your mixture, let us proceed with the steps in preparing the matcha cream:

1. Sift the matcha powder and the confectioners’ sugar together on waxed paper. This ensures that there will be no bitter spots on the end product. It also makes sure that all the powders will mix well into the heavy cream, and make sure that no matcha crumbles remain on the whipped cream once done. 

2. On a large bowl, whisk 4 cups of heavy cream using a mixer or a whisk. Be sure to not stop mixing throughout the process to avoid reverting the cream to liquid form. If this happens, you will have to repeat the whisking process all over again. 

3. As you whisk the heavy cream for just less than a minute, add the matcha-powdered sugar mixture onto the cream as you continuously whisking. Next is to add up the vanilla extract as you mix further. You can also disregard the vanilla extract if you prefer a strong matcha flavor on your whipped cream. The recommended timeframe for mixing the whipped cream altogether is for 4 minutes until it reaches a foamy consistency.


Be sure not to overmix, as the cream would turn to butter and will just ruin everything you worked hard for the last 4 minutes. If you want to avoid the hassle of whipping cream by hand and risking it is under or over whipped (no one wants to make butter), you can just use a whipped cream dispenser and N2O cream chargers. It is almost impossible to mess up and make under or over whipped cream using these cream chargers. Just purchase them online and have them delivered to your door.

Matcha whipped cream is recommended if you just want to add up that distinctive matcha flavor that you want for your sweets. You can dip it on biscuits, use it on top of your cupcakes or muffins, use it as a design for your cake, and many more. Matcha lovers have a unique addition to this type of sweet, and having a whipped cream with a flavor they desire will surely be an awesome treat for them. Gladly, this variant of whipped cream is easy to make!


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