15 Creative Instagram post ideas you need to try in 2021


Customer engagement and Bran improvement must be the prime focus for the Instagram posts for the year 2021. Especially if you plan to improve the customer base and develop your business to the next level, the Instagram posts must be highly creative. There is no doubt that a good Instagram post shall increase brand image. Read about Creative Instagram post ideas below.

However, an excellent post shall increase the follower count too. The position must be highly irresistible to share. With more than 95 million videos and photos posted daily, your post must stand out among the lot. If you are wondering what to post on Instagram to increase the customer base and your business, you are at the right place. This article will give you creative Instagram post ideas to post engaging content on Instagram. 

Creative Instagram post ideas

1. Ask Questions

It is an excellent tactic to increase user engagement. People are always inclined to share their opinions or answer a question more actively. It can be an action taken towards understanding the customer mindset as well as the market survey. Interestingly, the answers the customers offer you may help you with creative business ideas too. 

 2. Tutorial Posts area Big Hit

Yes, the customers’ mindset to learn is never obsolete. Use the platform to post knowledgeable, crisp tutorial videos. It will help people learn something new, and the urge to share such videos is more. It is indeed engaging content, and you can decide on a consistent strategy to publish such posts on Instagram under your brand name.

 3. Show Behind the Scenes

Connect with the customers and their emotions. It is not about the product all the time but about the way you make it. Would you please take the opportunity to shoot the way a product is made and display it on Instagram? You can also show the struggles faced by the employees to offer the best to the customers. Emotions will initiate actions, and actions shall be in the form of a sale or a potential customer most of the time. 

 4. Ask Me Anything

It is the best way you can connect with your followers. You can conduct such sessions by making the customers ask anything about the brand or the company, or you. Attempt to answer such questions through comments and build relationships. Let us understand that human connection in business is vital. When it comes from the company’s top leadership, you are building trust among the customers too. 

 5. Share Leadership Tips

Share such posts that offer leadership tips to the people. You can connect the tips with the day-to-day activities at the office or with the product or service you are planning to market. Short tips and valuable ideas shall be very engaging to the customers. Moreover, such posts shall build credibility, and the customer trust in the brand increases.

 6. Interviews

Live interviews with industry leaders shall be of more significant support in improving your brand image. Instagram posts are not only limited to short videos and photos but also recorded interviews and longer videos as well. Such industry expert thoughts and their endorsement of your brand shall take your business to the next level.

7. Use the Current Trend

Social Media Platform comes up with various trending video sets. Like the ice bucket challenge, many trending ones are coming up now and then. You must be a part of it to create relevance to the product or the service you offer. 

 8. User-Generated Content

If you plan to improve customer trust and loyalty, a user-generated content post is the greatest weapon. Get to shoot a few user reviews about your product. Get their feedback in the video mode. Could you post it on Instagram? It must be a practice and follow this regularly to have the brand image reach high. The appreciation from the customers’ side is of significant significance in getting the audience’s attention. 

 9. Photo Collage

Keep the audience engaged and always remembered what you used to post. You can create a photo collage of all the ideas that we have discussed so far. You must follow this consistently and post it regularly. You are giving a chance to the customers to remember, at the same time, making the new customers search for the missed post. 

 10. Daily Hashtag

It is the best way to tap the broader audience base. The daily hashtags are dedicated to one particular day of the week. Like the ‘Throwback Thursday.’ The popular hashtags will allow you to jump on the trend, increasing the follower count drastically.

11. Share your Mistakes

It is one of the ways to connect with customers emotionally. You can share the silly mistakes made by the company during its journey. You do not have to post anything bound by legal norms or affect any customers. But you can post those humorous ones that can create an emotional bond with the brand. 

12. Before and After

It is a sensational self-feedback Instagram post that you can post at regular intervals. Start posting the before and after scenes of using a product or the service. Allow the customers to digest the difference and post another at an equal interval.

 13. Cross Spotting Posts

It can be engaging as you take a screenshot of your brand present on YouTube or other platforms. It will enhance the versatility of your brand. Also, brand awareness is duly increased while using this technique.

14. Product Making Clips

It is required to make your viewers understand the infrastructure that your company has. Also, you can go into detail about the product making to win the trust of the customers.

15. Influencer Videos

It is a common tactic that you can employ regularly. Strike a deal with an influencer and ask to endorse your brand, product, or service. It shall give a lot of attraction to the brand, thereby increasing the customer base. 


So, these are the 15 creative ideas using which you can make videos and share them on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. They will help you attract the audience without fail within a few days. 

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