Creative Ways to Reuse HDPE Milk Bottle Scrap


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There are millions of plastic milk jugs thrown away every year. The most common type of plastic milk container is high-density polyethylene, also known as HDPE. In other words, milk jugs can be recycled, and most curbside recycling programs.

 You can melt down plastic milk jugs and make new bottles from them. The United States, however, does not manufacture milk jugs from recycled materials. The sad fact is that unsafe chemicals and bacteria can exist in food packaging, as well as strict FDA guidelines for packaging manufactured from recycled materials.

 Recycled plastic hdpe milk bottles are commonly used to make recycling containers, pens, lumber, picnic tables, fencing, benches, detergent bottles, toothbrushes, and children’s toys. The Environmental Protection Agency report claims that only 28.9% of plastic jugs are recycled. 

Over the next 500 years, the remaining 71.1% of organic waste may decompose in landfills. Let’s not let that happen! Reusing your milk jugs is an even better option than recycling them. Plastic milk jugs can be reused in so many creative ways that you don’t need to throw them away.

Take a look at these creative ideas for recycling plastic milk jugs:

There are some creative ways of reusing the HDPE milk bottle scrap

In Your Garden & Home

  • The best way to reuse plastic milk jugs around the house is to repurpose them. The containers can also be used to store scrap fabric in your sewing room, or as a container for sandwiches or snacks at home.   
  • These can be used in your garden as Wall Planters, Watering Jugs, or Milk Jug Bird Feeders. 
  • This Outdoor Chandelier, these Milk Jug Flower Lights, and this Rose Solar Light are all great options if you need some more light. 

DIY projects for kids

  • Your kids will love these upcycled crafts! Plastic milk jugs can be used for so many different crafts. 
  • Take it outside and have them make Milk Jug Bubble Wands or Milk Jug Flowers. 
  • Create beautiful Doll Fairy Wings and Milk Jug Igloos to encourage their creative side. 
  • Create a Pig Bank or a Milk Jug Decorative Window Craft to teach your child how to save money. 

The possibilities are endless.

  • Christmas is the perfect time to get creative with plastic milk jugs. Here are some ideas for Spirit Jugs for Halloween. Get creative and decorate milk jugs with snowflakes or snowmen.

Here’s what it all boils down to:

You can reuse the milk bottles you buy rather than wasting them out! Above in the article are some creative ways that can help you to reuse them. Hence, this way not only you are reducing some waste, but you will also be contributing to the environment by reusing them. You can have endless possibilities with them, such as you can paint on these bottles to show what you really love and can gift them to your loved ones on Christmas or maybe on birthdays. 

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