CRM: What is a real estate CRM and what is it for?

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CRM stands for C customer R relationship M management, which in English means Management Customer Relationship. 

What is a CRM for? A CRM is a management tool that helps you organize communication with your customers, gives you the possibility of putting your business in order, and above all it helps you sell more.

In this post the team of we will see what a CRM is, and we will analyze how this software is used in the real estate market.


Basically, it is a solution for the management of customer relationships, normally oriented to organize three basic areas: commercial management, marketing and customer service.

The CRM tool and customer orientation provide demonstrable results, which enhance sales productivity and offer in-depth knowledge of the customer, and thus allow more efficient marketing campaigns to be planned.

The customer support functions of a CRM tool help with customer loyalty and satisfaction, which has a very positive impact in terms of recurring and cross-selling.

What is a CRM FOR?

Fundamentally, a CRM serves three things:

  • Internal communication is improved: thanks to CRM it is possible to assign activities to the entire team of your company, this allows you to verify the work and see what is pending by just clicking.
  • Thanks to this software, high productivity is appreciated, since a multitude of emails, meetings and calls are avoided and all the information is available to be checked instantly.
  • It is possible to keep track of all sales in a personalized way.

According to McKinsey & Company Inc., 65% of the time at work is dedicated to emails, calls and meetings, it is what is called, the trio of unproductiveness. This is mainly due to a lack of organization.

Unplanned calls, emails or meetings interrupt our workday. This causes us to leave tasks in the middle and lose a lot of concentration.

Organizing these work tools efficiently is what makes a CRM essential when it comes to increasing sales and productivity of a company.

Characteristics of a CRM software

The characteristics of a CRM software are:


As CRM are designed for large companies, this technology is very good to make the tasks of the company much easier and useful.


That is, they adapt to internal processes and in relation to their database they can create successful business strategies for your company.


Through a CRM You can work from anywhere and have the information updated in real time.

Benefits of a CRM sales system

The greatest benefit of a sales system is that it allows you to give 100% personalized customer service.

By being able to provide fast and efficient customer service, and being able to clearly see their needs and identify the expectations of each type of customer, we achieve their satisfaction and consequently their loyalty.

In fact, with this type of software we can segment our client portfolio, which makes it much easier to plan sales and marketing strategies.

But in the case of real estate agencies, a CRM can do much more.

A CRM designed for real estate

Real estate agencies, in addition to selling, also have to get clients and find potential contacts. Thus, a CRM focused on the real estate world has to meet those needs.

In general, it is rather a complete productivity tool, which facilitates the management and the day to day in the real estate agency.

Is it convenient to use a real estate CRM?

The main objective of a CRM is to save you time, and therefore money. So the more efficient it is, the more money you can generate. Time is money and a CRM gives you more organization and consequently more time. Many real estate projects such as Blue World City, have been using the programming of CRM to create more sales.

If you have a real estate agency and you want to know how much money you will save, you only have to calculate your cost per hour and you will know the real benefits of obtaining more time thanks to this tool. These costs are: the rent of the office and the materials, the cost of portals and marketing, payroll and additional costs of your employees, gasoline, meals, among others.

In addition, all those hours that you will save, you can use them to obtain greater profits. The benefit as you can see is double. Any questions?

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The advantages of using a real estate CRM

A CRM makes it much easier to sell, do marketing campaigns, help you control your property catalog, publish them on portals automatically, and much more.

A real estate software offers a varied and extensive list of functionalities, we are going to mention some of them:

  • Maintain a correct follow-up of clients and increase your portfolio exponentially.
  • Correctly keep a record of personal data according to the preferences of customers, their history and their tastes. So that we always know how we should act in front of a client. Similarly, with a CRM the level of customer satisfaction is appreciated and makes the relationship much more profitable.
  • Set reminders, this is very important, since you can schedule, follow up, this possibility that a real estate CRM gives you can help you contact customers at the right time.
  • It helps you to know, at all times, if your work team is carrying out a correct follow-up. This saves you a lot of time since you can verify it from any area where you are. If your team works, your company is fine.
  • You can also keep the owners informed about the activities carried out by your company in general and regarding their properties.
  • You can also remind you of the expiration of the rents that will facilitate operations with the tenants and with the owners.
  • It allows you to share properties and access those of other professionals in the sector.

However, this is not the only thing that this type of programs focused on the real estate sector can do for you.

It also allows you to automatically upload ads to all the important online platforms in the sector to multiply your advertising and build a database with the relevant information of the users who have been interested in the published ads.

All this translates into a really important saving of time and money. This system provides outstanding real estate business management that lays the foundation for detectable growth in monthly profits.

NEXO, the most complete real estate CRM in Pakistan.

By talking to dozens of agents who use NEXOCRM real estate to convert leads to customers and maintain the relationship after the sale, six benefits can be spotted that rank at the top of the list. This particular CRM is widely used by the team of Capital Smart City. Let’s see the advantages of this software:


Most real estate professionals have a wealth of information and consequently potential business opportunities. Which is collected from different sources such as social networks, email campaigns, real estate platforms, among others.

Maintaining a large database is complicated, however, with NEXOCRM you can consolidate data in one place, which you collect and organize quickly and easily.


NEXOCRM gives you the ability to answer queries online immediately, this is a sensitive component of a successful conversation. And you can do it from your mobile, you or any of your employees anywhere and at any time.


Historical clients are very important, although a real estate CRM helps to manage and attract new clients, it also maintains contact with previous clients who will never cease to be potential buyers or sellers. In fact, it is very convenient to keep in touch, this does not mean that you are constantly texting them, but a few “touches” a year are enough to keep you on their mind.


With NEXOCRM you can combine the personal touch with the ease of automation. Real estate CRMs are very good at remembering dates, if emails are involved, simply write your email and schedule the CRM to send it on the indicated day.


NEXOCRM opens up infinite management possibilities by alerting you to the efficiency statistics in sales or rentals. It also allows you to associate products with potential customers by affinity.

It automatically presents you with search possibilities without you having to go through long lists of products and select the right ones. Save time and facilitate processes.

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