Difference Between Toupee and Wigs 

Difference Between Toupee and Wigs 


Have you been looking for the right kind of hairpiece? The pressure is – should you choose a wig or a toupee? Even if you have a little idea about the differences, you may still be wondering what the right choice is. So, what’s the best kind of hair system for men? We will tell you everything about them. 

Here’s an article that highlights the differences as well as the similarities of toupees and wigs. 

Who Should Opt For Toupees and Wigs? 

Getting toupees and wigs is all about opting for a non-surgical method to get more hair on the head. Not everyone can afford a hair transplant. And maybe it’s not practical for you. Let’s not forget hair transplant requires a long waiting period too. 

Many men feel conscious about their appearance, especially when they have less hair. As per them, women don’t turn and look at them if they have less hair on the head. 

More hair means much more attractive. That’s how the world perceives men with a full crop of hair. Also, it is quite obvious that a full crop of hair on the head makes you feel and look younger too. Hairpieces for men can be a great way to look young and handsome. 

And, of course, men may also do it for themselves. They want to boost their confidence, thus, they put a toupee or wig on their head. 

As you move forward, we will tell you the differences, but first, we would like to share what toupees and wigs are.

What are toupees? 

Toupee or wigs may be used anonymously, but they are not exactly the same thing. Of course, it would confuse anyone. 

First, let us understand what a toupee is. A toupee is a smaller hairpiece that is made of natural or synthetic hair. It is worn on top of the scalp to cover the high area which is quite prone to baldness. The toupee is usually positioned over the man’s crown. 

Toupee for men is getting quite popular these days. But what about wigs? Let’s find out. 

What are wigs? 

You have heard about wigs before. They are a hair replacement system that covers the entire head of the man. There are no adhesives as such – the wig is secured using anti-silicone and elastics. This way, the wigs remain in place. 

Wigs are mostly ready to wear once you take them out of the box. There is no need to trim or style them. Simply put it on the head and adjust it. These are quite easy to take off as well. 

Natural hair wigs are much better because they have a natural look. The best part about them is there is no use of adhesives. Since these cover the whole head, you don’t need a toupee to hide the balding areas. 

If you have baldness all over your head and your scalp is looking ugly, choose a wig for a full-coverage solution. In case you have baldness in the highest area, opt for a toupee. 

Another benefit of using wigs is that you don’t have to trim or style it. The wearer saves a lot of time when they put it on. 

What is similar between wigs and toupees? 

When comparing wigs and toupees, you have to know the similarity as well. The biggest similarity between them is they are both hairpieces. 

Both these options offer a positive solution to cover bald areas. And, do you know both can be made from human hair? However, synthetic hair is also used for making wigs. 

Yes, you need to take care of both wigs and toupees. Everything needs maintenance, right? You need a special shampoo to clean wigs and toupees. 

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you opt for any of the hair pieces. If you want the hair pieces to last, it is crucial for you to follow everything precisely. 

Now that you know the similarities, let’s find out what the differences are. You should know, and of course, this post is all about highlighting the differences so that you can make a final choice. 

The Difference Between Toupees and Wigs 

Toupees are much like men’s hair pieces. Toupees will offer coverage to small sections of the man’s scalp. This toupee is worn at the crown. 

You have to choose a style, colour, and texture that matches the hair on the head. It should blend in perfectly. So, toupees are great for men who need minimal coverage. They are easily available too. 

As for male wigs, they offer total coverage to the entire head. This is the best for men who need coverage on the entire head. Let’s say you do not wear a toupee properly, people might be able to notice that you are wearing something to cover your baldness. It can be embarrassing, right? 

Getting a wig means stepping out of your comfort zone. You can choose different styles and even opt for something natural and appealing. 

You may choose a brand that offers different styles of wigs. You may get different colours and styles, so feel free to buy two or three types. 

Then there are toupees that also come in different textures and colours. This requires glue, but wigs don’t have any adhesive solution. They can be fixed without adhesives. Some people secure a toupee using wig tape as well. 

As for the pricing, toupees are affordable, but then it totally depends on how much coverage you need on the head. What are your thoughts on toupees and wigs after reading this post? 

Concluding Thoughts 

Do you want a toupee for men or a wig? We are sure that you will weigh the pros and cons and then choose the best. Don’t worry about the receding hairline or baldness – choose the best hair pieces and bid adieu to all the embarrassing moments you face in public. It’s time to feel young and fabulous again!


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