Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

    No one welcomes accidents. When it comes to car accidents, several taxonomies can affect the inquiry process and simultaneously take a toll on the process of insurance claims. Let us leave aside the topic of insurance claims for some other day and focus on this topic. 

    Types of Car Accidents

    Loss of control is the most often underlying cause for any driver involved in a traffic crash. Understanding the cause of the accident is essential to decide who is at fault. There are some of the most devastating and potentially fatal types of accidents; at the same time, some of the incidents or rather accidents are prevalent like head-on collisions, hit and run accidents, rollover car accidents, multiple vehicle collisions, etc.

    So, here are the different types of car accidents that Lake Charles car accident lawyers generally talk about;

    Head-on collisions

    A head-on collision is not only dangerous, but the after-effects are very much fatal. Chances are it results in the death of the drivers of both vehicles due to the sudden impact. Losing focus from off the road can be holding the primary cause of such accidents. To prevent a head-on collision, drivers are encouraged to steer the car’s wheel in the opposite direction you are driving. 

    Rear-end collisions

    It is the most common type of accident, where the car in the front gets a direct hit from the vehicle that is moving right behind. The primary cause of such an accident might be speeding or if the latter’s driver was distracted for some reason or the other.

    Hit and Run Accidents

    Hit and run accidents occur when the driver is driving after consuming a high volume of alcohol. Or it may so happen that the brakes of the vehicle are not functioning correctly. 

    Side-Impact Collisions

    Side-impact collisions mainly occur at intersections points of the traffic signals. This type of crash happens when the front-end of a vehicle hits the side of another car, either in motion or at a stationary position, typically ending up in a T shape formation. The crash often leads to severe injuries of either the driver or passengers on the impacted car.

    Single Car Accident

    Single Car Accidents can result from faulty brakes, or they can also result from the driver falling off to sleep due to tiredness.

    What should we do to avoid such types of accidents?

    As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” every one of us should be cautious when on the road, whether you are driving, riding, or even walking down the road or the pathways.

    It has been reported that most accidents occur close to your home. This is because a certain distance around your house becomes your comfort zone as you become acknowledged with the area. It is prevalent that the driver lets down the guard and becomes casual compared to long-distance traveling to far-off highways.

    Here are some crucial parameters that should be taken care of to avoid these types of accidents in the near future;

    1. Eating while driving
    2. Changing radio stations frequently while the car is in motion 
    3. Relying on a GPS device
    4. Talking to the occupants sitting in the car 
    5. Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving
    6. Checking your email on a cell phone
    7. Checking on the children in the rear seat
    8. Retrieving a fallen object from inside the car

    How does the Lake Charles car accident lawyer respond to such incidents?

    Lake Charles car accident lawyer believes that when involved in a car accident, it feels like not only your life but your entire world has turned upside down. If you are the one who is injured and unable to move or work, it simply adds fuel to the fire. In this situation, your core concern should focus on recovering from your injuries and nothing else.

    The experienced lawyers advise taking photos, and videos of the vehicle damaged that could be used as a piece of evidence in the court of law and also comes in handy when processing insurance claims.

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