Different Types of Chairs Your Home Needs


It may seem like something you have never considered when decorating your home, but what kind of chairs will fit in best?

Chairs can say a lot about a room and of course, a lot about somebody’s personality. Many people associate different types of chairs with different professions. And as such, in your home, a chair is more than somewhere to sit. It is a statement about who you are as a person and what you find important when you put your feet up.

So, without further ado, here are the different types of chairs that every home needs to have, and of course, which rooms they belong in.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs have come back into fashion and are no longer associated with just being something to put in your kids’ bedroom. Giant bean bag chairs can be lined with faux leather, real leather or even faux fur, so they can look in place in even the most modern and luxurious of homes. Of course, you can choose to have a bean bag chair in the bedroom, but if you are someone who regularly entertains, this can be a great addition to your living room.

Wing Chair

The wing chair has also made a bit of a comeback in recent years, with many people opting to have them in their living rooms, either as single pieces in bold colours as contrast or in lighter hues to blend in and add warmth.

Wing chairs are also the quintessential reading chair, so if you are lucky enough to have a space in your home dedicated to just reading, this is the perfect place to put this seating option. 

Slipper Chair

Yes, this is the kind of chair that dates to Victorian England when women would have maids putting on their slippers or shoes. It is a chair that is low to the ground, usually padded and is suitable in either the bedroom or in a large hallway. These can also be helpful to have in someone’s bedroom if they are older or struggle to maintain their balance when getting changed, to help them to sit down and be comfortable. However, this chair does not have arms, so may not be useful for an older person as a regular chair to sit in. 

Support Chair

These are the chairs that are best suited for a home office, which many people have nowadays. The chairs themselves offer a great place to rest the arms and support the lower back, which prevents slouching and can also help to prevent carpal tunnel. 

A support or work chair can usually swivel and has adjustable heights but they can also be beneficial in a kids’ bedroom if the kid has a computer on which they sit. 


Everyone who has a tough job needs to invest in a recliner chair for their living room. These comfortable chairs are heavily padded and with the simple pull of a lever can move you from a sitting to a laying back position without you needing to move. Once again, these can be great to help older people to relax without needing to move around too much.


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