Different types of vinyl flooring in Columbus


Vinyl flooring in Columbus is famous for both houses and offices. These floors, due to many interesting features, are getting popular. Of course, this is because of its high durability. Along with durability, these floors are also cost-friendly. No doubt they have a higher quality. However, quality mainly depends on the cost: more the price, higher the rate, and vice versa.

These floors are highly flexible. As compared to wood, they are more versatile. Besides many colors and styles, their installation is also a DIY project.

For the last many years, vinyl floors serve as the functional basics of any place. These floors are affordable. However, vinyl flooring in Columbus is best for both moist and dry areas. 

Vinyl flooring in Columbus mainly exists in three basic types. 

  1. vinyl plank flooring 
  2. Sheet vinyl flooring 
  3. Vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl plank flooring 

Plank flooring is different from sheets and tiles. Of course, it varies in thickness, installation, and beauty. However, planks are strong, and they are less costly. No doubt they are similar to hardwood. But, they have less cost.

For this reason, most people prefer this. Compared to hardwood, these floors are more versatile. Moreover, they can also handle environmental changes. 

These floors are in high demand. Vinyl flooring in Columbus is ideal for every place. It is durable, resistant, and waterproof. These floors strongly imitate the wood-like look. But still, every floor has certain merits and demerits. As compared to hardwood, this floor requires no subfloor. 

Vinyl Plank Flooring
Advantages Disadvantages 
Perhaps ,  they have an elegant look like wood.On touch they do provide a wood like feel.
These floors are available in designs , colours and styles.Of course, they release Volatlie organic compounds as they are made of PVC.
They are available in ample variety.. In fact you can get any length nd width.These floors are non- biodegradable. So , you cannot have them.
They are for every place. Moreover they are also suitable for water prone areas.No doubtedly these floors get yellow with time.
These floors are easy to install.  Most often they have click lock system.Higher quality cost more. For instance more the quality more the price.
Top class floors are better than hardwood. These floors are prone to scratches  and dents. 
Undoubtedly they do not require any tough upkeep.These floors are toug to repair and relace. 
Of course , planks are 100%  moisture proof.Vinyl planks are difficult to remove and replace. However people still buy. 
Higher quality vinyl is great for commercial and residential spaces.These floors are suitable only, while subfloor is well prepared.

Vinyl tiles 

Tiles look much similar to marble and other floors. They have a classical touch with a modern twist. Tiles are easy to install. Moreover, they provide warmth and a smooth walk as well.

Luxury Vinyl tiles
Advantages Disadvantages 
These floors mimic the looks of stone and ceramics. These floors match strongly with hardwood. So  this is the best feature for homeowners. 
Perhaps , they have easy peel and stick installation.This is an expensive choice. However you can only save money if you are a DIY project lover.
Top-quality  tiles provide warmth and comfort.They are not of high quality.
They have a good resilience. If any hard object comes in contact , they will develop dents.
They can deal with environmental changes. Indeed a best option for cold areas.All the types have wearlyers. However the strength varies with cost.
No doubt they are easy to clean.These floors need daily cleaning.
Latest vinyl flooring in Columbus  has good waterproofing. All qualities are not waterproof. In fact it varies with wear layers. 
High quality vinyl tiles provide a grace in modern homes.Not so famous like vinyl planks.
Unquestionably it is homeowners favourite choiceBeauty fades  away with time.

Sheet vinyl flooring 

The sheet vinyl is the best choice for waterproof areas. They are best for bathrooms and mudrooms. As compared to other floors, sheets are quite costly. Moreover, sheets come 6-12 feet wide. Sheet vinyl has seemingly endless beauty.

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Sheet Vinyl flooring 
Advantages Disadvantages 
A least expensive vinyl flooring optionNot capable of providing realistic hardwood looks
These floors have many styles and designs.Top-quality sheet vinyl flooring needs professional installation. It’s not DIY friendly.
Top-quality Vinyl exists in a plethora of textures.High cost
Highly resilient works well In bathrooms and kitchensIndeed , it is not a good option for the basement.
Waterproof sheet vinyl is best for busy areas.They are not loveable because of their cheap looks.
Provides warmth and safe walkRelease toxic compounds
The right choice for a tight budgetVery difficult to remove


Perhaps, it’s easy to work with all vinyl types. However, before buying vinyl at a flooring store in Columbus, make sure that you are well aware of all facts. Read a guide before buying this flooring. Anyhow, no matter what type you are using, cleaning is always necessary. These floors create a great impression.

Moreover, unlike other floors, vinyl has many designs, styles, and patterns. Before buying vinyl, go thoroughly through the floor to help you have any bad experience. 

Where to buy vinyl flooring in Columbus?

Vinyl flooring in Columbus is available at Columbus flooring city. You can get any color, design, and style of your choice. 

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