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Authentication of the Document is not something that we normally use in daily life. The most common form of the word for authentication that we are familiar with, is Authentic, which means real.  So in simple words, we can say that Authentication is a process where we determine whether the document is real or not.  Moreover, Document Authentication is a process of determining whether the document is real and is bearing a recognized signature, seal, and stamp. Technically, it is an expert’s job (who might be a person or a system) to check all the properties of a document that is deemed to be an original one, to determine the authenticity of a document.

The Importance of Document Authenticity

The first and foremost need for Document Authentication is Documentary fraud. It can impact any kind of documents.

1- Identity documents (14.4 million people became the victim in 2019),

2- Documents related to vehicles (increases more than 200% as compared to 2018).

3- Travel documents fraud (53.2% increase compared to 2018).

This excoriate is spreading and developing worryingly around the globe, coming about in genuine results for governments (for tax frauds), people (for identity theft), and national security (for terrorism).

The possible ways to overcome these obstacles are as follows

1- Digital Verification.

The advancement in ML (Machine Learning) and in AI (Artificial Intelligence) leads to a more swift and feasible way for document authentication.  With the use of OCR technology, the information is extracted from the document and then authenticates the document by going through some basics on the surface of the document i.e. the layout, design, and other features.

2- RFID Technology.

It implies an advancement whereby progress data encoded in RFID names (characterized underneath) is captured by a reader by means of radio waves. RFID frameworks comprise of three components:

1- RFID tag: It contains coordinates or an integrated circuit.

2- Antena: Used for transmission of data to the RFID reader.

3- RFID Reader: That converts the radio waves, coming from the antenna, into a suitable form that can be used for different purposes.

3- Database.

The realness or authenticity of the record depends on its source. To verify the information of the document, these can be cross-matched with the information given into the database. It can be a government or any company that possesses the sources of the database. With the advancement in ML, a document can be authenticated from any data source by a single click in seconds.

4- In person.

Some experts are educated and informed about the different parameters for the authenticity of the documents. They equipped themselves in a way that they can authenticate a document by exploring the document with the naked eye.

The Parameters required for checking the Authenticity of the Document.

Every document has different parameters and different characteristics, going through these, a document can be authenticated. Some of those are as follows.

1- Holograms/Rainbow Prints.

The authenticity of the document can be verified by going through its holograms/Rainbow Prints, as each document has a unique holographic image, which is sometimes very difficult to replicate.

2- Format/Layout.

The layout or the format of the document plays a key role in determining its authenticity.

3- MRZ Codes.

Each document has unique MRZ codes, mostly in Passports, this uniformity can help recognize its authenticity. 

4- Expiry date.

The validity of the document is mainly depending on its expiration. If the document is expired, the system automatically declines the authentication process by using the OCR service.

5- Photoshopped or edited element.

Due to advancements in ML and technology, the systems are well equipped so that they can easily detect any photoshop element.

6- Verifying the information.

Sometimes the users are asked to write down their personal information before presenting the document and then this cross-matched with the information present over the document. If the system finds anything fishy, it automatically rejects the process.

Difference between Document Authentication and Document Verification.

In general, both are almost the same. But from a technical prospect, some aspects differentiate each other. In short, Document verification is a process where one person tries to verify his information against a document, mainly an ID card, passport, or any government-issued ID documents. While on the other hand Document Authentication refers to a process where the system is checking whether the provided document is real, not fake. and mostly it is a continuous process.

The use of Document Authentication services.

Due to this pandemic, the use of online Identity verification has significantly increased, and to overcome any obstacle document authentication services are being used. There are some industries that are using Document Authentication services, which are as follows:

1- Education institutes. for online classes and premise entering or exit.

2- Banks and Financial Institutes. for opening bank accounts and online transactions.

3- E-commerce.

4- Travelling. at the airport mainly or for online airline ticket booking.

5- Social Media.

6- Hospitals. For entering biohazards or secured places where normal persons are not allowed. 

7- Military or secured places.


Invention and innovation in technology lead to different ways where goons can have access to different personal information. Which results, mostly, in identity theft and costs billions of dollars to people and the government as well. For survival, there is a tire need for a secure system that can eliminate these practices. Document Authentication Services can help secure the identity and save tons of money.

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