dog crate


For most dogs, it is a place of retreat, where they can relax and where they shouldn’t be disturbed. A dog crate can be a good option if you want to create a place to relaxation for your dog. There are dogs that follow their owners wherever they go when they move around the apartment. Such dogs are constantly alert and rarely come to rest. It is important to establish a resting place for them and to teach them to stay there. It is often underestimated how much sleep dogs need and that some dogs have to learn to “switch off” first.

Dogs that are taken to work can also benefit from a box. You shouldn’t see a dog crate as a kennel or even a prison, or simply lock the dog there because you might want to have some peace and quiet, but use it as a place of retreat 

A kennel or a dog crate can also be used in multi-dog households or if the integration of a new dog into the family is pending, i.e. the dogs do not yet know each other well and may need a little more distance and rest at first.

For training in driving, it can sometimes be useful to get the dog used to a crate first and then to integrate it into the car as a safe place. Transport crate not only offer safety in the car, but can also be a pleasant and safe retreat for the dog in the house. Even on vacation, a dog crate can provide security in the unfamiliar environment and a crate can be of great help, especially for scared dogs.


It is best to set up a dog crate in the apartment in such a way that it is not directly in the passage area, but it should also not be completely isolated. Ideally, the dog should have the opportunity to participate in the day’s events from his box. In the car, a dog crate can have a calming effect on the dog if it has already been combined with relaxation and through the privacy screen, which minimizes environmental stimuli.

Creature Comforts

When setting up, care should be taken to ensure that the respective soil preference is adhered to. For many dogs, this means that you should put blankets or pillows in the crate, as they prefer soft pads. But there are also dogs who like to rest on hard ground and avoid soft surfaces, in such a case the preferences of the respective dog have to be taken into account. Especially in the warm summer months, different floor conditions should be combined in a crate in the form of lying areas: warm and soft, cool and hard. This enables the dog to regulate its body temperature independently.

The right size

The dog crate should be big enough that the dog can stand upright in it and turn and turn without problems. If you want to determine the individual size of a dog crate for your dog, measure the standing dog up to the tips of the ears and add about 5 cm to determine the height.

The width of the dog crate should be at least twice as wide as the dog. The optimal length of the box can be measured by adding half the leg length and the total length of the dog.


To clean the dog transport crate, you can use a vacuum cleaner to first remove the accumulated hair and coarse dirt. Then you can wipe the inside of the box with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. So that no rust or unpleasant smells arise, the box should be wiped dry or left to air dry.

Smaller boxes made of plastic (kennel) should not be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, as the material can quickly break and cracks can arise from the suction. The best thing to do here is to mix a little washing-up liquid with water and wipe the box, both inside and outside.

If you use the dog crate frequently or have it integrated into your dog’s everyday life in the living area, it is advisable to clean the crate once a week and as required. Most of the time you can remove the upper half of the plastic boxes. This makes cleaning easier and takes up less space when stowing away.


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