Dookan offers the homecare essentials and grocery at Affordable Rates in Hamburg


Online Stores are the new hype for this era. Most of us prefer to go for online purchases only, no matter how small or big the product is or whatever the category is. This gives us the ease of selecting from multiple options and getting our products delivered to the doorstep without additional efforts. 

After the pandemic, Indian Grocery Stores are the new centre of attractions for Indian expats residing in foreign countries. 

Indian groceries are not readily available in foreign countries, including Hamburg and other parts of Germany, making it difficult for the expats to get real and authentic Indian spices. 

Not only groceries, but for the homecare essentials also, people have to cover long distances as most of these Indian stores are located on the outskirts, making it difficult for Indian expats to rush for small items. 

Thereupon,, the one-stop shop for all your desi needs, is all set to serve Indian expats in Hamburg and various other parts of Germany with multiple options for Indian groceries and homecare essentials, delivering the essentials at their doorstep. 

Where can you get Indian groceries at affordable rates in Hamburg? 

Looking out for Indian groceries in Hamburg and other foreign countries is tedious, first because of limited supplies and next because of high prices. Being exported from the native country, Indian groceries and other food products in Hamburg and other countries are sold at three to four times higher than their original costs. 

Therefore, purchasing Indian groceries in Hamburg is a costly affair. But, multiple online and offline stores claim to provide the same at affordable costs, assuring their qualities and dealing with branded products. 

In research, it was found that more than 50% of online websites claiming to provide quality orders to their customers end up in fraud or either deliver the wrong item. Moreover, these websites also do not provide return and refund policies to their customers, leaving them with no other option than to pay for the undesired orders. is ranked at the top by these researchers and has been appreciated in their published articles, acclaimed as Indian Grocery Expert in Hamburg

Dookan as your Grocery Expert in Hamburg: 

Indian Expats residing in Hamburg and various parts of Germany have a benefit, as provides them with easy options to get their Indian groceries and other related items delivered to the doorstep. is a one-stop shop for all your desi needs, dealing with multiple brands and providing the best qualities to their customers. The website deals with many categories, including grains, flour, flour mixes, spices, condiments, paste, instant food, beverages, snacks, personal and home care products. 

 You can also order fresh fruits and vegetables from the website, as they claim to deliver all their orders within 24-48 hours of order placement. 


There are multiple options for online and offline platforms dealing with Indian Groceries and other related supplies. But all of them cannot be relied on for quality purchases, the primary concern with online shopping platforms. eliminates any such concern as the platform has more than 1,00,000 people registered and has served more than 50,000 people. All of them are satisfied with their purchases, appreciating the qualities offered, as reflected from customer reviews. 

Some of the most appreciated features of the platform by its customers are: 

  • The platform can easily be accessed with Mobile Application, giving easy search and order options.
  • deals with more than 100+ Top Indian Brands, providing the best quality at affordable rates.
  • The platform offers a 14-Day Return Policy to its customers, making it easy for them to place return or refund requests in case of wrong or undesired deliveries.
  • offers Free Delivery on all their orders.
  • Multiple Categories and options can be scrolled down on this platform for increased and better selections.  
  • The orders placed from are Delivered Only Within 24-48 Hours of order placement.  

Along with these, the platform comes with multiple discounts offers and coupon codes for their visitors, providing them with more benefits and future reward points. These all features rank the platform on top for customer preferences. 

Conclusion: is the only successful platform in European countries that have delivered maximum orders during a pandemic and after. With more than 10+ active discount offers and coupon codes available every time, customers have an option to place their orders only at 50% of the total cart values.

Moreover, the website also has some exciting deals for the festive season. Go Check out the details and order before it’s too late!

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